RAID is Coming and New Item Anime Fighters Simulator -

RAID is Coming and New Item Anime Fighters Simulator

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Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona – Invisible [NCS Release]


  1. I want to see evolution so I can get 4th gear luffy

  2. hi what’s a good boss I can afk farm I’m on sao map and got all the epic squad

  3. im so quick that only 95 people watched it B)

  4. i really wanna grind with u please. Name: SubTo_IMHENG

  5. The video keep stoping but i have a good wifi signal

  6. I honestly dont care because i have 280mil yen and like heck i wont grind till 2b no way im gonna do that

  7. i cant join anime fighters simulator discord group bc its full so idk when the next update will come lel

  8. Trading is also coming, there was a file system of something called trading. And when you type “trade” or “trading” in twitch chat it doesn’t let you and it blocks ur message.

  9. Does anyone think the game will add more star on each map like jojo star tier 2 or something n make em like op op n expensive

  10. I honestly am not a big fan of trading I think it would ruin the game

  11. Dose it say how much money for the new island?

  12. Hey panda what Name the song I so like the song

  13. Dont adding trade this game will die if the trade is coming

  14. If they add trading its going to make the game horrible, you'll see noobs with secrets, mythicals, it'll be so unfair imo

  15. I saw a person with his own avatar and name as a unit he equipped he must have been a dev or something

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