Playing The Anime Game I Created... 👀 -

Playing The Anime Game I Created… 👀

AfroSenju XL
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This idea will take my mugen stuff to a different level. This is the beta version of my idea though

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  1. id pick thanos all day every day thanos is so goddamn broken

  2. Afro sold that man that Michel Jackson fight had me weak

  3. Mugan better then most of your stuff bro do say it’s stale

  4. Says yuji is bad but has a almost one shot move

  5. bruh when will you drop the link to the mugen pls

  6. Fun fact: you can play mugen online by downloading a certain PC app that allows you to play games online (it works only on games that can't be played online)

  7. Got potential I think it would be more fair for a two v two
    The characters ain't trash just need time to charge and it be even

  8. Allen!? Walker! Yeeeees!!!!! Omg. Please.

  9. Can we play this game now? If so what’s it called?

  10. do your characters work on swf? or are they like mugen characters cause if it needs an swf to work can you give me atleast one of your chars if it does works with an swf?

  11. You should get SavinTheBees to get on this with you 😤

  12. So like what is the link for this game? I wanna play this too it looks cold!

  13. Lol Mugen isn't stale!! It's one of your best series

  14. if omega chose femto he would have won

  15. I haven't played a mugen in forever….. didn't know they were still a thing…

  16. Why yo voice so deep not ganna lie that voice kinda sus omega

  17. if You Have Uploaded THis particular mugen of yours to a aprticular site please add the link in the comments and pin it or add it in ur next videos . i u haven't , add the link to a site where u can download mugen with already installed characters please.

  18. idk if anyone said it… but put sonic in here. just not the op one

  19. Shanks on the roster twice or thats Gildarts

  20. I hope one day you give us a chance to use your Mugen, it looks like fun to play

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