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Which anime new game of 2021-2022 is worth the wait?

When it comes to such a category as anime, a new game is a big deal. Though the number is constantly growing, fans just can’t get enough. And every other release brings emotions before it even comes out. Something exciting is about to happen in gaming this year. Check it out!

5 upcoming anime new games

Chances are high the pieces below might be revealed soon. Not all of them are 100% confirmed, only time will tell.

1.   My Hero Fighters

My Hero Fighters

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero (May 2021) is an RPG based on a popular manga. Guess what? A fighting sequel comparable to Dragon Ball Fighterz seems to be on its way. There are not so many details. The developer is Arc System Works. And the roster will include about 25 characters.

2.   Shaman King: Funbari Chronicle

Shaman King Funbari Chronicle

The mobile adaptation of the series is believed to be ready by the end of 2021. Users will team up to participate in epic 3D battles. Details seem promising like the new Mangatic Mode. Pre-registration starts in July 2021.

3. Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

When someone describes Digimon the word “nostalgic” is an often choice. Old-school vibes are about to be incarnated in a new turn-based JRPG. The course of this 2D story is determined by the player’s decisions. It will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

4.   Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest – Adventure of Dai

Infinity Strash Dragon Quest - Adventure of Dai

This series may be called iconic. The first part is from 1986! The latest, announced in May 2021, is going to be an action RPG. Like a separate project, it has got its own official website. So far it is the third fresh update of the famous franchise.

5.   Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan

Kimetsu no Yaiba Hinokami Kepputan

The manga has come to an end which is disappointing. Luckily, this year we’ll see the expanding of its universe to many platforms. PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam are on the list. Two modes (Solo and Versus) mean two different plots based on the original one.

Picking up the next favorite anime new game is a gripping process. The choice is quite good, with new adventures coming out here and there. Good luck!

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