New SECRET UPDATE in Fortnite! -

New SECRET UPDATE in Fortnite!

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New SECRET UPDATE in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 gameplay with Typical Gamer!


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  1. Can you do random undercover beach challenge

  2. Hey tg what I'm about to tell you is crazy OK so yesterday I was watching your vid on my brothers tablet he took it and I had 30 bucks to my name a trackphone was 25 I bought it bcuz I needed it for your bids keep it up

  3. it would mean a lot to me to just play with you once TG I play on switch and I kinda suck at the game so I wont be surprised if you dont see this comment

  4. Typical gamer I am a big fan I will give you $1000

  5. Hi typical games I use ur code and I’m subscribed with all notifications on and I wanted to know if we can run a duo game user:toothed-king9

  6. Imagine if they brought back heavy snipers next and heavy shotguns etc.

  7. wonder woman its out from gal gadot and she is from israel

  8. me : still doing the hit weakpoint quest

    tg (Andre) : finished the hit weakpoint quest in 1 day

  9. Fortnite is going dead sorry to say this😔

  10. Index video you should be super man you dumb I am is that Superman

  11. Capn we play typical some fortnite my user is NRG_KXNG

  12. CORNY COMPLEX IS BEING ABDUCTED NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sorry tg fortnite just doesn’t hit the same, I will un sub 🙁

  14. Cope all can u gift me the Kenmore skin my epic is freddyfazbearB

  15. If they shoot further than 75 m it still headshots you prety sure

  16. I miss scars but siliened pistol is the best man

  17. who likes the wild week, personally i hate it because they took out the bolties.

  18. They actually kept the normal scar with the update

  19. They do still have scars only purple ones tho

  20. Things that Don t like in chapter 2 of season 7.
    The alien head op and frustrating to go up against.
    Team rumble they added moving circle not happy😡😡😡
    UFOs are annoying when they 3rd party.
    Lack of map changes.
    Silence assault rifle is bad.

  21. calreal is my home😶😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. I can’t wait to see the next sesson map

  23. There is a way to get a non silenced scar, joey sels normal scars

  24. Tg me and my friend were playing thr kid was low and my friend was in the ufo and sent him flying and he took fall damage and he died it was so funny

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