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NEW PS4 GAMES – PS4 FREE GAME & GIVEAWAY & also free anime tv show series on PSN Store. What PlayStation Network show do you watch? Have you played PS4 free to play games? you dont need PS+ to play for free. Also what ps plus paril games do you want? PS PLUS FREE GAME NEW CHANNEL:
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  1. I thought could be another big thing like apex.. Anyways
    PSN. eows512
    Region Portugal

  2. Mr_MojoRaisin_89 PS4 EU
    Thanks for the information man I already added Paraiso Island to my list, for that I saw they are both on Na store. Unfortunately I guess Sony already changed back the price of the devil my cry series (it shows $24.99 as price atm)
    Anycase again tysm tc and good luck to you all for the psn code guys

  3. I tried downloading it, but it wasn't free

  4. I don't know why YouTube keeps sending me these videos I don't care about PlayStation 4

  5. The achievement sucks on PlayStation oh yeah Brown silver gold Platinum trophies I member that when I had that PlayStation 3 that sucks I still didn't get my money back

  6. They keep on sending me these videos of PlayStation 4 PlayStation sucks I wish you would stop sending me this crap

  7. Every time I turn around the same me PlayStation videos even though I dislike them 🙄🙄🙄👎👎👎

  8. I don't care about your free anime I got a couple of them on my Xbox not just one

  9. I got like five of them I haven't kept because I have Hulu

  10. Let me put on my tinfoil hat and go buy a PlayStation 4 to download one anime and I'm just going to let the PlayStation sit after that

  11. Wow im late to the party 😒 lol
    Hopefully that DMC Anime is still free, im gonna check later.
    My gamer Tag / PSN: GameShark427 😊
    Region: USA

  12. It's not free anymore that sucks
    Psn: evildan35

  13. Your typical gamer. Somehow I don’t know how I ended up learning how to play on a game controller but it happened. GameBoy SP days lmao. PSN: GoVhullz

  14. wowzzers just got a notification for this video. seem like i’m late

  15. If you want to
    find a way to make codes
    you simply have to find " yadakjoo psn " in the gogle.
    I hope it will works for you too!

  16. Papaa93
    Region USA
    Love the show i live in a third world country but you help me out without even login in

  17. Me want sekiro
    PSN: Retro Eightyeight

    Region: USA

  18. My psn is YoBoiVontae my region is USA

  19. When you wish to
    gain an effective way to make gift cards
    you only need to lookup " psn trickempire " in the gogle.
    I hope its not patched already.

  20. Just let you know I’m a new person on your channel and I’m from America

  21. My names Stay_Positive786 on ps4 and I’m in Uk

  22. My username from PlayStation is spooky kitten 2 if you can't search up my name I will leave my email address it's that ok monkey flop I love your videos always love them and my friend wants some with a cold Pikachu girl ignoring my friends list but you can search up my name she has anime profile I'm 10 years old by the way

  23. Bro! Wts I didn't even know the abundance was offered for free till I saw your video kinda legit pissed off at Playstation right now since it's not free anymore bastards lol

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