NEW FREE Dragon Ball Game! (Anime Stardust) -

NEW FREE Dragon Ball Game! (Anime Stardust)

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NEW FREE Dragon Ball Game! (Anime Stardust) Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Anime Stardust

Anime Startdust by Damaylor MUGEN:

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  1. Man just tell me why i like you so much 😂😂 no wait i know why BECAUSE WE WATCH THE SAME ANIME

  2. Well i suggest u chose wtv u like if u feel goku
    Then go goku
    If u feel ichigo go ichigo my man

  3. Ayyyyyyyy even more of my favorite youtubers playing migen

  4. goku does have two transformation first one is ssjb the second one you need to do s-d-k/s-a-k to go into mui

  5. How do you play it do u download or just play or what?

  6. Hey! Are there gonna be more entries for CAC’s? I wanna enter mine into the competition and I would love to see another tournament soon!

  7. Someone help me I downloaded it and it won't lent me open it now what (it's the media fire one)?

  8. Not to be offensive or mean riku but you kinda suck at this game.

  9. Was is your keybinds as in like for example W is UP or D is right? Because I am struggling on this game with the keybinds doing like the super attacks but I don't have a problem with the ultimate attack.

  10. Where do u get that game from I wanna try

  11. i wish i could play but it will take hours for me to download it

  12. How strong does the pc need to play the game

  13. how do you power up with controller

  14. "dragon ball game" dude its not only dragon ball its like you missed 9/10 of all characters

  15. I'm pkaying it… but I DONT REALLY KNOW HOW TO ATTACK

  16. Damm! So smash bros but anime! That roster is HUGE!

  17. i wish i had that type i have uhh, i guss v4 idk but i like this one

  18. I want that game is so cool😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  19. RikudouFox how you play that and how you do the istal the goku all forms becuse hay i dont know istall the mugen can you can set the link of the game

  20. Ultra instinct omen goku can spam ultimate lol

  21. how do i do the super attacks is it all at the sane time or not.

  22. im having a problem like it works in training but it doesnt work on aracade 1v1 ec

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