New Anime Games! Saint Seiya 圣斗士星矢(腾讯) - Android IOS Gameplay -

New Anime Games! Saint Seiya 圣斗士星矢(腾讯) – Android IOS Gameplay

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New Anime Games! Saint Seiya 圣斗士星矢(腾讯) Gameplay( Android / IOS)

IOS : Coming Soon

“Saint Seiya (Tencent)” is authorized by Chetian Masami, the official genuine mobile game of Saint Seiya developed by Tencent’s Tianmei L1 studio. The game restores the classics 100% and invites the top seiyuu from Japan to join. Players can collect a full range of fighters, free to set up a dedicated team, burning a small universe! The game uses the latest 3D engine technology to bring players a delicate and delicate picture experience, showing Tianma Meteor Fist, Lushan Shenglongba cool cool trick! The ever-changing lineup matches and the fair strategy battles, which doubles the surprise and fun. There are not only the game modes such as the plot mode, the legion secret, the random copy, but also the live-action competitions such as the Galaxy Competition.

Developer: Tencent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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  1. 😂😂😂Chinese younda bro edit this game to English 😬😬😠😠

  2. all best games are in japanese 😵😵😵

  3. Is there no english version for this game?

  4. Hey bro make a video about the game poke duel , it is not available in play store but available on Google …. And not Pokemon duel , it is pokeduel ,… I wanna know that how to play this and tell me manjeet

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