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This new game might be worth a try

#ShineyLuck #ShamanKing #Shaman King: Funbari Chronicle #shaman king ふんばりクロニクル

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  1. Those are Anna's Shikigami that she controls.

  2. Since the closing of ultimate ninja blazing i just cant play mobile games i was way to invested in that game man

  3. as long i do not get the joke character and away sent them off.

  4. to add aslong it not like bleach where they do not growth but force to pull for their awenking form

  5. this classic anime is really good and it has ongoing remake rn

  6. I'll download this all the way, yeahhh the reboot,

  7. Didn't you watch this? You just guessing like hit or miss.

  8. So sad why cant naruto get cool game like this on mobile….fxxx bandai

  9. Title "coming soon" first 30s noooo idea when it will come ^^

  10. If you’re going to watch the anime. I highly highly recommended watching the first original version and not the Netflix adaptation. Netflix destroyed one of my childhood best anime.

  11. It is not new game. It new money eating app. If you really want to play a games. Get a pc or console. Else you do not need skill to play just pay and win.

  12. Sorry but he makes a content about a new shaman king game then knows nothing about the anime?

  13. If you decide to look at the anime full story even if it does not heave the best graphics you shoul try the original anime not the 2021 remake.

  14. I don't mean to be disrespectful in the comments but how the hell can you make a video on a subject that you know nothing about? Like you seem to not know anything about the Series and say this guy and this guy whos this guy. I would personally like to see content from creators who are passionate about the same things pls watch the anime before playing at least, respectfully.

  15. Yup, you're confused 🤣 only born in 90's could understand this OG Anime. 😏✌️

  16. for this game i remeber 15 years ago i collected stickers to send and win something from croissants ,its very old

  17. Dont review if you dont know the anime . It kinda annoying af

  18. Damm it's so weird that most people don't know shaman king.

  19. They remake the anime recently with update graphic and all, its great

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