NEW Anime Game Coming To The PS5! -

NEW Anime Game Coming To The PS5!

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A New anime game is currently being developed for the Playstation 5! #animegames #anime



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  1. What popular manga do you think will be getting an anime game? Leave your comments down below

  2. Still waiting for my bleach game til this day.

  3. I'm hoping that a new Saint Seiya game is coming very soon.

  4. If we get a new anime game that’s at least good I’m gonna be hype.

  5. We don’t know? Bro you hyped me up with the JJK thumbnail and yet we don’t know?! C’mon😭 Plus I am a PS player but on the 5? Bro nah

  6. This is a great time for anime games hopefully its jjk

  7. Been slacking on yo vids but I'm back brooo 20k subs too 100k let's get it💯⛩

  8. Jump Force was cool but what if they made an Anime wars game. That would be 🔥

  9. I just want a Anime Fighting game that is as good as the Storm Series 😭

  10. Jujutsu kiasen might be the one , but i want them to giv discounts on enery any game , like aot , my hero academia , naruto , and more etc

  11. The anime that deserves a game atm is BLEACH (yes iwanna see JJK, Naruto and DB get new games) but iam a Bleach fanboy so its a natural reactiob

  12. One Piece Burning Blood 2
    One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows 2
    Jujutsu Kaisen Fighting Game
    Fire Force Fighting Game
    Hitman Reborn Fighting Game
    Sword Art Online Fighting Game
    Fairy Tail Fighting Game
    Dr STONE Fighting Game

  13. I have a very strong feeling that it’s going to be a new jojo game believe it or not 🤔

  14. I don't think jjk has enough characters for a game lol like a lot of the characters that appears in the manga haven't really did anything

  15. Hope is Bleach, but if it's Spike who’s doing it then no thanks.

  16. Hopefully black clover but a good one and on pc and ps5

  17. The anime hasn’t released yet but chainsaw man is an extremely popular manga out rn and I feel like it will get a game at some point

  18. We really need a good bleach game for god sake

  19. I see jjk and I broke the sound barrier with how fast I selected it and mha already has ones justic 2 and it’s getting a second dlc character set

  20. Really hope it is JJK so I can play as my boy Gojo

  21. Me: so the ps4 is gonna die soon
    Demon slayer drops for all consoles except for nintendo
    Also me: YES
    Other anime game dropping
    Me: intresting

  22. Sounds to me it's that rumored My Hero Academia fighting game by Arc System Works. They have now worked on Guilty Gear Strive for PS4, PS5 and Steam. The only company who is used to PS5 during this pandemic.

  23. Or One piece but I hope it’s black clover because the last game was hella underrated it was a very fun game but it ended up flopping cause of lack of advertisements

  24. Don't forget xbox cause xbox needs anime games

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