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In Todays video I go over all the Secret Pity’s and how much yen needed for each secret! Watch till the end to find out!

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Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator
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🗺️ Explore, and be the first to discover a secret fighter!
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-Merchant visits random worlds!
-VIP server controls + new gifting options
-Level cap increased to 150
-Bug fixes, general improvements, and balance changes

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  1. when I spin amy. I spin 2days and a half day but I can;t get amy

  2. Idk why i spin 3 day but not have eto :(, i have +9 luck ,the chance to get is so hard 🙁

  3. uhh secret pity added in game when? 😀

  4. It definitely isn’t that cheap for the lower secrets. I’ve spun probably a few hundred thousand stars on gizzard town and I haven’t gotten him yet. Sooooooooooooooooo

  5. But i think your vid its base on 8.5 luck cause i only have 2.5 luck and already spend 80B on sun and still didnt get any

  6. man i spent almost 200B yen or more and no sun

  7. I have 500b with 2x luck what secret should I spin for?

  8. I got Alice or Amy at like 1 trillion Curse king and 43 trillion and the rest about the prices you listed.

  9. ive spent around 120 trillion yen in jjk and havent gotten one secret, but ive spent around 25t in bleach and got 4 aizens, and 4 trillion in sao and got 3 amys, i love this so MUCH.. smh

  10. I subbed you derserve it 👍 keep up the great content

  11. Ok so imma go spin for gon but do I need to leave computer on for straight because I prob won’t be able to do that so if I spin straight for like 8 hours and get off for a bit will the pity reset or no Bc idk if I need to spin straight without stopping at all

  12. isn’t this based off 8.5 luck which isn’t F2P standard?

  13. Cap i spent 20 bil for hawks 15 mil for nagato 30 bil for sun and did not get any 😭

  14. Bruh I’ve opened like 800k stars in naruto no nagato my luck is 4.5 so idk whats going on there I got buu in like 5k stars

  15. can u please carry me to room 72 roblox username Swzxade

  16. I got eyeson with 1 trillion while trying to get falcons lol

  17. Bro um Just open Ghoul Stars at one week and nothing, i vê already opened more than 250k Stars and nothing.

  18. ive spent like 70t on jjk and have only gotten 1 shiny gojo

  19. this is false at least for gon i spent 6T yen trying to get him

  20. he is capping the the my hero one i over nighted there twice and no secret

  21. and at the namek i span there for 5 hours straight no buu and it took like more than 10 mil

  22. Chimera ant one is cap ive used 2 trillion with all luck gamepasses and still havent gotten him

  23. Hello you can get secret without game pass extra lucky at 1999 robux and fast open how many time that will take pls talk me is my dream 🙂 have a good day

  24. ive used 20+ billion yen and still dont have bertholdt (ben)

  25. i have opened 500k stars and it took me almost 2 weeks and i didnt get sun ….

  26. Im sorry, but I just be hearing something did you just say it takes like 1 or 2 nights to get a eyeson wth.

  27. How do you afk overnight? I haven't watched the full video yet but i would like to know incase it doesnt say

  28. i’ve spent over 200 billion yen and still haven’t gotten slayer corps secret😐😢

  29. How did you get into content creator in the official anime fighters group?

  30. Lol he said it easy to get nagato 50k hatch me 206k hatch and spent two weeks 😂 lol

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