NEW ANIME BUNDLE IN FORTNITE (Cyber Infiltration Pack) -

NEW ANIME BUNDLE IN FORTNITE (Cyber Infiltration Pack)

Tabor Hill
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This is an INCREDIBLE item shop. There’s a new anime bundle, a super rare skin and the Poki emote!

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  1. I like how you put your holl family in video

  2. Use code tabortime plz I used it to buy the new anime pack

  3. I thought jack was going to say my name on his bracket when he said bray and my names Brayden

  4. I hope one day me and you can play fortnite because I've been watching your channel since chapter one season 5

  5. Tabor: guys Today i ambandoned my family for youtube

  6. Bro I see these kids Ike normal players: LITERALLY wants to buy everything lol

  7. Hopefully it’s still in by the 18 because that’s when I get 20 bucks 😁

  8. I bought the icicle pickaxe but in season 7 it was not reactive so i refunded it I regret it now since its amazing

  9. Bro look at the Chomp Jr. pickaxe icon was kinda in a rush so couldn't watch full vid but the icon is not the pickaxe.

  10. Tabor the chomp jf. pickaxe has a different look then when you on it is show's a different pickaxe that is also in the game.

  11. Finally Jacky was in a good mode lol
    Btw gift me the anime skin pack PupsyFN

  12. Bro you know people are addicted to anime when it has more views than the other videos

  13. can jackie add me i wanna gift him my user is astronautas

  14. I bought the anime bundle thinking the pickaxes were included, now I don't have any pickaxes for it ):

  15. The "that's a wolf" got me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. POV your a weeb but are not allowed to buy vbucks to get the anime pack

  17. All the backblings turn anime when equipped. I love that!

  18. When you buy it, its no longer in shop, so you cant gift it

  19. the wholesomeness in this video is overloading

  20. 4(69) days since poki? It feels like yesterday it was in the shop

  21. Anime skins are my favourite I cried because I couldn’t get any of them 😭

  22. Kinda guessed that ellie wanted the poki emote lol

  23. Can we get a round of applause for tabors wife for accepting that he does youtube as a side thingy

  24. Hey the shark jr pick axe is different. I wonder if it’s hinting that chomp sr will get a robot style.

  25. Is it worth buying cause I’m using my tip money that’s I get from work and I’m 15 so I don’t want to waste money but at the same time I want to get a monitor but it’s expensive 😭

  26. Bought the bundle but I can see it again to gift it 🥲

  27. Tabor I'm gifting you 5,000 dollars for tommorow I'm going to die I would really appreciate it if you could make a video for me

  28. The only reason I like the YUKI skin is because she is wearing an oversized hoodie.

  29. Someone can gift me the anime pack for somthing plss

  30. Who remembers when item shops were like this

  31. Does anyone know when it’s leaving the item shop

  32. Another bad thing Fortnite has done, add more anime skins 🤦‍♂️

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