Naruto Storm Devs Begins work on their Next Big Anime Game! -

Naruto Storm Devs Begins work on their Next Big Anime Game!

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Naruto Storm Devs Begin work on their Next Big Anime Game!
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  1. I don't care with a games, but i hope this can running smooth for my low spec pc…

  2. Bleach NEEDS a new game. It would me amazing

  3. Damn first naruto storm
    Then dbz kakarot
    Now something else

  4. CyberConnect2 the devs who made Naruto and JoJo… im confident as hell

  5. Sorry the new dragon ball game is far from being shaped up to be the best dragon ball game of all time. Even I would prefer my hero ones justice2

  6. Bleach game I agree with transformation bankai to mugetsu to final bankai same like dragon ball a lot of transformation

  7. I wish in all anime games, we can have a custom character. Like if you agree

  8. Hunter x Hunter is a long shot ! The series is good but old and the author has yet to announce when he will come off hiatus or if he will come off hiatus. I’ve given up on the series! Demon slayer would be their best decision to make a very profitable game. The anime series has been phenomenal and the manga as well.

  9. Its gonna be a bleach game I am betting my money on it. That it will be announce at E3 2020 this year. Watch !!!!

  10. I wish the My Hero Academia games were like the Storm series. I just don’t really like that style of the MHA games.

  11. Idk why but I feel like shield hero would be really good and if they added online it would be insane

  12. I commented Kimetsu No Yaiba or Hunter X Hunter on twitter also. But after some thought One Punch Man came to mind but Bandai Namco released a One punch man game earlier and the only thing in my mind now is Katekyo Hitman Reborn but I think that Anime is a lost treasure that few only remembers

  13. Naruto is my most favorite game❤️❤️.
    I think they should make their next game either on Bleach or Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  14. Unless bleach gets green lit for another season then I don’t think we’ll be seeing another Bleach game but with the popularity of Demon Slayer and the Movie coming out plus season 2 it’s more likely it will be a Demon Slayer game. But then again those are just my thoughts.

  15. So theirs a anime game comeing soon
    Am dying to know (´∀`)

  16. Bleack would be perfect because I'm tired of these mobile bleach games bro

  17. Ain't no one give 2 fucks about a demon slayer game.
    Just give us a fucking bleach game

  18. I want a Re zero game lemme stop I'll Take a bleach or demon slayer game

  19. CC2 Storm-Style Games I want:

    1. One Piece
    2. Bleach
    3. Demon Slayer

  20. the gameplay would be like ninja storm except for the characters and the character movements but still same mechanics as ninja storm

  21. Everyone hoping it’s bleach me to unfortunately it ain’t happening 😞

  22. Demon slayer with a car and online ranking system that’s like the show would be badass

  23. Comment on this video :
    99% We need a bleach Game.
    1% others things.

  24. Damn like every 2nd comment is "i want a bleach game" .. dont see how they shit on the fanbase so hard… honestly.. havent bought a storm game in like 6 years.. would defo pre purchase bleach game…

  25. It's gonna be a bleach demon slayer is to short for a game and most of people want a bleach game also president of cc2 is a bleach fan and that Q and A video was for 2 month ago nice try;)

  26. I hope they do a storm 5 first then whatever they want after

  27. He said "i dont want to make a bleach game" lmfao please stick to what you know Storm 5 with 2v2 or maybe Ultimate Ninja Heroes 4 with boruto characters

  28. Where did u find that 3d animated clip of demon slayer?

  29. Okay, imagine this. A Demon Slayer game with the gameplay of Sekiro and a skill system like Code Vein, that way you can use the breath styles.

  30. HxH

    ALL need games. Well tended to, slowly developed, carefully curated games. Games that set the bar.
    I’ll even through one piece in as a bonus.

  31. Hxh.bleach.fairytail.nntaizai.blackclover finalfantasy

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