MY ANIME GAME TIER LIST! | All Anime PS4 Games Tier List! -

MY ANIME GAME TIER LIST! | All Anime PS4 Games Tier List!

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Today we are going trough my anime game tier list, containing all anime ps4 games. The tier list will have dragon ball z kakarot, dragon ball fighterz, my hero ones justice 2, one punch man a hero nobody knows, jump force, persona 5, one piece pirate warriors 4 and many more.


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  1. Man u are an idiot if ur putting a game like storm 4 in same tier as xenoverse 2. Storm 4 is even better than fighterz

  2. 👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  3. You Are the most stupid person ever dragon ball z Xenoverse 2 and Naruto storm 4 or top 5 best fighting games of all times plus what the fuck you put a game that nobody know on S before dragon ball fighter Z like come on bro what

  4. I haven’t played any and i thought watching this will help me chose 🥲

  5. Too be real Naruto storm 4 Dbz fight z is best anime game

  6. Everything in this list is fine except for burning blood. That shit is trash, and i love one piece, so. It's J-Stars with worse combat and framerate.

  7. Persona and FighterZ are on another level to any of the others

  8. In my opinion 7 deadly sins knights of Britannia is actually rlly good if u like combos and fight packed games same goes for jump force

  9. Dragon ball the second one he show us should been the best that game is really good if you get get into it

  10. I actually like MHOJ2, they keep updating it with new dlc’s and I think it’s a good way to pass a few hours.

  11. I honestly prefer burning blood to every one piece game, I really like the fighting system. unfortunately it's not on Nintendo switch 🙁

  12. Haven't played storm 4 just bought. I hope it's better than shinobi striker. I know there might be no story to shinobi striker but the gameplay is pretty sick, since u kinda feel like a ninja more so than the other 2-d games. I also do regret spending 50 dollars on dlc after getting the game for 10 lol. But anyways could shinobi striker possibly be B?

  13. The hell. Get taste xeuniverse and naruto ninja storm and shinobi striker are S or A get ur facts right idiot dislike earned

  14. when he put DB Xenoverse in D i knew the guy is a jerk and don't know a shit about anime games

  15. Bro u litteraly put jojo music and didnt put the jojo game

  16. Same as you but
    storm 4 is a A rank for me
    dbfz is TRASH
    Dbx2 is ss++ rank for me

  17. the naruto storm 4 game is just a good fighter game nothing else its fun to play but gets repetitive

  18. Why are the best Anime games almost all dragon ball games?

  19. How dare you jump force is great it’s just the animation jerk

  20. The first minute I can tell this vid has and probably still will get a lot of hate

  21. i know this is personal opinion and all….but my man…put one punch man BELOW my hero ones justice 1. my brain is honestly struggling to comprehend that seeming as one punch was what every wanted my hero to be and MORE.

  22. Who else thinks that Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 was the shit back then

  23. Nobody:
    When someone sees their favorite game:FXCK YOU THIS GAME IS AWESOME

  24. Is it me or an I'm the only one who love jumpforce

  25. I wanted to try kakarot but hearing they took out my literal favorite scene (Vegeta final flash against cell) well literally no point in trying this game anymore. Looks trash tbh

  26. They should make naruto broken bond in unreal engine 5 for ps5 or Xbox series x Best naruto game ever btw.

  27. Naruto to boruto shinobi striker is the best i think

  28. SAO is whatever but the games I think are pretty fun.

  29. Storm 4 and Xenoverse 2 are way better than fighterz

  30. if jojos bizzare adventure seyes of heaven was on this its S+

  31. Of all the people in the world…. This is the fucking moron that does this

  32. I think you are right about Shinobi striker

  33. This video is completely subjective and only has my personal opinions. It’s not meant to be taken so serious

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