MOST CONTROVERSIAL NEW ANIME GAME! | Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker BETA Gameplay -

MOST CONTROVERSIAL NEW ANIME GAME! | Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker BETA Gameplay

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Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers has been a HOT topic since the game was first announced. Instead of following the usual path that they have been with the Storm series, they’ve tried something different with this. Time to see what the beta is all about!
FRI: 12pm-3pm
SAT: 1am-4am, 9am-12pm, & 5pm-8pm


Intro made by Opunu

Intro Song made by Escoppo


  1. Yes! I didn't realise but I got the beta. Yay

  2. Will it be released to PC or is it just PS4?

  3. If the hit detection was better, it'd be sick

  4. why everybody with white eyes kkkk XD
    they are so slow…why? they are ninja .-. why don't run?

  5. "The Xenoverse of Naruto"
    People honestly believe Xenoverse did CaC first.

  6. They should've implemented a stamina system for faster running once stamina is gone you run at normal speed

  7. Kinda hoping there's gonna be an offline mode. I can only tolerate lag for so long.

  8. They need to make the game cleaner, look better, and more functional. Besides that, looks really good

  9. 5:25
    It is funny how Sasuke used to say in the anime "Don't like to repeat myself" and there he is doing that

  10. Naruto to Boruto shinobi striker was honestly pretty fucking awesome

  11. I'm not getting this at all. The only reason I got Xenoverse 2 was the PvE. Without it, I'll pass. If, however, it turns out to have PvE in the future, then I'll actually consider it.

  12. Can u get sharingan powers and kurama powers?

  13. this looks nothing like xenoverse tf are u guys talkin bout

  14. Hey Rhymestyle the new str vegito is broken his super attack raiaes his stats ,I did it and got his attack to 600k no super and with sa1 like 1million and 1300 in all stats orbs and his passive gibes him 40% boost right now and Lr can give 100 or 90%

  15. Welp. Time for us Naruto Fans to get our Battle of Z xD

  16. this seems kinda boring. i would have preferred ultimate storm gameplay with CaC

  17. yo you guys that hit is going to be the next LR

  18. Is the beta free. As in is it a closed or open beta

  19. i really wish they made a pc beta with the ps4 beta like releasing the beta for both pc and ps4

  20. Honestly there should be a story

  21. Advice: Use Chidori and Lightning Blade to fly across the map. If you need to get a flag back, those really help.

  22. Mannnnnnn i dont really like naruto as much but this looks fire af

  23. I was wondering if this game is only,for ps systems lease some answer

  24. It’s really good but there are only 4 characters to choose

  25. Saw both your hands in the camera while your character was moving broo. Still love you

  26. Honestly I've played smite and ninja storm and this looks fun. Fresh air for real. They don't wanna be like dbz and have 8 of the same fighting games. Ninja storms combat was to repetitive whereas mobas offer different gameplay and outcomes every match and is a team based thing. I think it's a great direction.

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