MOST CONTROVERSIAL NEW ANIME GAME! | Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker BETA Gameplay -

MOST CONTROVERSIAL NEW ANIME GAME! | Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker BETA Gameplay

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Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers has been a HOT topic since the game was first announced. Instead of following the usual path that they have been with the Storm series, they’ve tried something different with this. Time to see what the beta is all about!
FRI: 12pm-3pm
SAT: 1am-4am, 9am-12pm, & 5pm-8pm


Intro made by Opunu

Intro Song made by Escoppo


  1. I hope they don't fuck this up as much as they did with xeno 2

  2. Why do you have that thumb nail from naruto Ultimate ninja blazing

  3. Controversial huh ? That's a funny way of spelling T R A S H

  4. this game is amazing like xenoverse 2

  5. Love you Rhyme road to 1mil remember me at 300k

  6. i don't watch naruto but i think that the wall running should've been faster…

  7. I feel like anyone who actually plays mobas would have been really irritated by him saying this game is a moba like it has ZERO aspects of a moba lol no lanes no towers no jungle no camps no towers no base boss if u say its a moba cuz u fight on a map with multiple people then ur wrong lol rhym is still cool tho love dokkan 👍🏻👌🏽

  8. Thank you for making this video. The beta didn't sell me at all though. I didn't get in, but it wasn't fun to watch like XV was or like the other Naruto Storm games.

  9. Yo Rhymstye I was that guy ShadiBro on your team… We were killing in the game when you played Kakashi! I didn't post the footage of our matches yet but it was during my twitch stream.

  10. Are they gonna change were attack characters can use or at least have a sword because i really wanna use zabuza’s sword

  11. The problem is not just the price or the microtransactions or whatever, I mean if the Game is out for about 2 months you won’t find a lobby in under 5 Minutes, so I would pay 60$ but it’s not worth it, the lifespan is way to short…

  12. Rhymestyle can you give me the game please

  13. how u say you not going to judge it then judge it then say you not going to judge it lets play boii if you dont make up yo damn mind fuck boii weird accent ass boii lol

  14. Why you trying to sound and act like Afrosenju be original and and do your own thing.

  15. This game has the same look as xenoverse. It plays like battle of Z.
    I feel like this game could be awesome.

  16. This game would of been better as an rpg or something similar like that


  18. dont attack enemy players in water prison jutsu because when they are in the water prison jutsu they cant move and if you attack them they will break out of it

  19. You know you don't have to bunny hop. You can make the jump longer.

  20. id like to see a good amount of content theres like 700 episodes of the show gives us some of that

  21. Since you compared it to league on of the modes could be ranked it would be capture the flag or something similar what do you think cool or nah

  22. Game looks fire idk what people are crying about, most Naruto games are ass. This is basically xenoverse mixed with friggen overwatch

  23. Lol I thought this was a naruto blazing vid

  24. There should be a mode exactly like the chunin exams 🔥

  25. you killed the guy with kakashi ult look at the footage

  26. NARUTO TO BORUTO:SHINOBI STRIKER is out on December 31st.

  27. ayee naruto gang👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  28. Graphics looks amazing. This would be a great MMO !

  29. Hey rhyme congrats on winning in the Livestream

  30. Rhymstyle playing Shinobi Striker FUCK YEAH!!!!

  31. This guy is trash asf at the game don’t judge the game by this horrible gameplay Im a big Naruto and Dragon Ball fan but I prefer this game over xenoverse Shinobi striker is more team based and strategic and has 4 different game modes that shuffle thru also ranked so u won’t get bored playing the same game mode all over again these Xenoverse fuck boys saying “tHiS iS a CoPy oF xEnOvErSe” needs to stfu and accept the fact they are 2 different games just cuz it has character creation don’t mean it’s a copy don’t be mad ur shitty ass multiplayer only got 1 boring ass game mode

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