Moonlight Sculptor is a Brand New Anime Mobile MMORPG -

Moonlight Sculptor is a Brand New Anime Mobile MMORPG

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Over the last couple weeks I’ve seen you guys mention your excitement for the new Moonlight Sculptor MMORPG.
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This is a video game adaptation of the popular South Korean light novel “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor,” of which I know absolutely nothing about. So I went into this with a pretty open mind, and absolutely no expectations.
Moonlight Sculptor is a mobile MMO with a very cute Anime aesthetic. It utilizes a combat system that requires you cycle through enemies manually, adding an additional layer of activity to what is otherwise the norm in the genre.
The world is large and segregated, meaning there are small loading screens disconnecting regions from one another, reducing the general stress that the servers would encounter.
There’s a lot to see, and there’s a lot to do.

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  1. still waiting for a decent cross platform MMO I can no life at home and then keep playing when I need go out.
    bah who am I kidding. I never go out

  2. I really liked the novel so I was quite excited for this game. Sadly it doesn't release here in the Netherlands ;(

  3. That stars UI is horrendous. The ll give it a try

  4. wanted to try it. but cant : (
    'item not available in your country'

  5. This is not about this game but 9.1 is come out on June 29 on world of Warcraft. Just let you know

  6. I'm from The Netherlands and it seems to be ip blocked for me. Is this not global version?

  7. Bro please just let me see you set your bed you're driving my freaking ocd crazy

  8. idk if mr stix spoiled it but when you choose later you can get the Moonlight Sculptor class..

  9. Can you do a top 10 of MMO for Andriod and iOS.

  10. Is there PVP? I assume not since it wasn't mentioned. If not, is there any plans for PVP?

  11. As soon as it was available I DL'd it. It's a pretty good solid game. It offers the whole shabang of MMO stuff to do. Definately worth a play. Love you Stix's!

  12. U should cover the tree of savior mobile after.

  13. dont like the game since it doesnt compare to the legendary moonlight sculptor since there are special classes and jobs which are not included in the mobile gaming so its stupid in my eyes

  14. This app is not avaliable for your device (Xiaomi Mi 9T) =(
    Seems like a interesting game that I'll never play…

  15. im playing it since release. its a nice game but too grindy haha. i had my pc up for 3 straight weeks. only had to turn it off since i had to visit my grandma 🤣😂

  16. Didnt really like this game… Ragnarok X Next Generation is much better

  17. speaking of,. why is this guy not discussing ragnarok x: next gen.

  18. The runescape channel name DROSS MOBILE leave hate comments and shaming people around. Do not support him.

  19. Go ahead and trash this cuz this has auto combat 🙉🙈🙊 oh, sponsored video so no usual auto combat hate 😂

  20. Being a skip story guy i have tried the game but i couldn't withstand the boring auto part of this game (its toooo long) so i could expiriance the real game ;,(

  21. No offense, but this video sounds straight like an ad for the game.

  22. Downloaded need to try it later doing daily for my other mmo first hehe

  23. Surely something for Ragnarok Online fans who want to experience the earlier stages of a faintly similar game.

  24. atm i have a lvl 53 warrior on the sever na-03 so yeah been enjoying the game so far only got annoyed at one quest so far(missing luciano quest chain) but everything else has been solid otherwise
    it was a case of being told to follow the road west which is left but them expecting you to be on the road that went to the right first but FAILING TO MENTION that one part which led to me ending up in the wrong area because i followed what the damn quest said

  25. I would not suggest picking mage on this game lmao, they have bad character designs.
    if you play a mage here in Moonlight Sculptor you're going to be worse than a training dummy in pvp. Archers and warriors have 100% stun rate

  26. This looks so god dmn cute … I have to try it, thank you > with your link buddy

  27. Who play these mobile games ? Dont you guys have computers ?

  28. I read moonlight sculptor like a year ago, maybe I read the latest chap soon, just maybe XD

  29. Its not an mmo u can buy end game in first month people will be max level next month easy this game gonna kill itself devs are so stupid lol how the fk u gonna kill ur game from p2w model in 2021

  30. I was really hyped for it but it's auto-play 🙁

  31. Been playing as an alchemist a good game to wind down at night with

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