Meet the Heroes (feat. SirActionSlacks) | DOTA: Dragon's Blood | Netflix Anime -

Meet the Heroes (feat. SirActionSlacks) | DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Netflix Anime

Netflix Anime
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Discover the rich lore of Dota Heroes, and get a sneak peak of some new faces in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, coming to Netflix worldwide on March 25th!

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Meet the Heroes (feat. SirActionSlacks) | DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Netflix Anime

A conflicted yet courageous Dragon Knight must use the power of the dragon within to stop a deadly demon in this epic fantasy based on the online game.


  1. disappointed with the anime, it's like the writer never played dota. Trash.

  2. I want the badass dragon killer to be a hero now

  3. Get deeper in the woodelves orgy life pls, sound very promising

  4. I j want to see DK finally shagging Mirana.

  5. Can't wait for Kunkka/tide hunter, lina/crystal maiden, Spirit brothers rivalry. Book 1 was dope.

  6. After watching the anime, I have one conclusion: Invoker WANTS mid lane.

    Classic MMR douchebag.

  7. The end of the season lack seriously of any conclusions to any of the character's plops.
    To such a point you wonder why you've watching all those episodes or even if the why they would stop the season at episode 8.
    It feels more like like a unfinished teaser. The characters have good background stories , dialogues are entertaining, the action and the lore really set the universe quite well but the fact the couldn't give a conclusion to any of the plops gave that feeling of a rushed project that had to be deliver on time or with budget cuts.

  8. Invoker in the anime looks bad, looks like your typical sea server invoker who's been feeding the whole game.

  9. Can't wait for Nigel the Dota 2 reporter appear together with Enigma and Rubick in this show.

  10. Slacks nice trim on your hair and bread :3

  11. I bet kaden will have to fight terrorblade in season 2.
    What y'all think?

  12. Ummm when yall gonna bring on attack on titan season 4 episode, my hero academia, bleach anime, free anime, haiykuu etc yall need to bring on some juicy anime and even bungou no stray dogs

  13. What Marci you didn’t mentioned her?.

  14. I wasn't expecting Ben 10's voice to be Davion.
    To me it doesn't quite fit. But oh well. I'll watch it anyway.

  15. the only things that I know,
    his a good guy inside and outside the dota scene !

  16. in ep 3 there was some weird group kissing with fymryn and her friends. They in some kind of group relationship or is that how elves worship their god?

  17. Should not be titled Dragon's blood.
    Davion's plot is just a sub plot of the series.

  18. Ah 10 min into Dragon's Blood Episode 1… I can't watch this 😭 huge disappointment 👎

  19. the main character is a knock off of guts from berserk and makinfrom kegend of korra but combination

  20. how make your hero strong… farm like Kaden… farming is the key…

  21. This episode of Loregasm was sponsored by Netflix

  22. Waiting for Zeus, medusa, troll, viper, balana.

  23. Fanny with mirana
    Hint – Mobile legend bang banag

  24. what's the difference between the fundamentals like kotl,enigma,ck, and io with Eldwurm fundamental?

  25. Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure Mirana is the 'Priestess' of the Moon and not Princess Of the Moon in Dota Allstars Warcraft 3 series. or im just trippin?

  26. Invoker's Tower = Dracula's Hi Tech Castle
    Prove me wrong.

  27. Yo this is like the first solid netflix series

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