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  1. Plz plz plz make its Anime series…

    I'd literally die to watch Anime GoT

  2. The common thing in AOT and GOT is "Walls"

  3. GRR Martin should seriously consider
    rewriting [Season8Trash] for Anime

  4. How much to pay you to draw anime video for me?


    (anyway can anyone give the lyric translation)

  6. If theory of Everett Multiverse is real in some universe Got is an anime

  7. Seriously, is there any anime like this.. fantasy… Other than the Avatar series' of course

  8. I don't like but it's GoT I'll surely watch it. And of course we get the unlimited budget.

  9. Jon snow ressemble un peu à Aminematué non ?

  10. If you don't understand french at the end they say "why do you speak English dude ?" "Shut up, I want to become popular internationally! "

  11. Of all the seasons he could've made an opening about he chose season 8…

  12. Sam: you are Aegon Targaryen
    Jon: NANI?!

  13. This is amazing!!!

    Also…love the beat in the very end!

  14. Imagine got getting an anime adaptation where it's ending will be respective to that of novels'.

  15. A quien YouTube se lo recomendó 3 años después?

  16. Hey, me gustó. Si fuera cierto ya quisiera verlo.

  17. turn on subtitle's i understand what they are saying im like bruh

  18. ya que des anglais dans les coms alors que c'est une création fr

  19. I synced this up with the Kirito vs heathcliff and omg it matched so well if you want to try it go to E14 S1 time 10:04

  20. Hahah my good man I give u all ma Butterscotch lollipops u r great

  21. I never knew I needed this is my life.

  22. I remember seeing this video 3 years ago and thought "Oh yeah, more weeb stuff. I'm not interested in anime."

    But now, I think it's awesome.

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