I was given the MOST BROKEN Power in a NEW One Punch Man Game - animegamematome.tokyo

I was given the MOST BROKEN Power in a NEW One Punch Man Game

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Video: One Punchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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  1. If love means utter destruction, then yes, I am weak.

  2. yo ur thumbnail does'nt say death in japanese just letting u know LOL

  3. Hmm I gain new knowledge thx kelving death=love. owo

  4. Kelvin plz ask him when the game will be console friendly

  5. "Subscribe or stay as a side charater"
    Me:sure as long i don't fight power full enemys that can kill me in a single shot

  6. the thumbnail愛 actually mean love and death is 死

  7. Anime one punch game recommended to you a hero destiny😉

  8. Why does kelvin is not that a chatterbox than before?
    Not being rude

  9. I remember the game like 5 months ago while i was finding one punch man games lol it was underrated lol

  10. I have no use so I become a youtuber says:

    Every time you play a game i want to play it

  11. I remember the good old days when Kelvin was playing afs very frequently and he was not top of leader board. And trying to become strongest.

  12. From 140k people only 9k people are main character

  13. My only wish is to get bullied by kelvin in roblox ;-;

  14. What editing software do you use kelvingts I want to become a youtuber

  15. why does the thumbnail says “love” the chinese word bro at least get an google translate pleasee

  16. The chinese word in the thumbnail is actually love and not death

  17. Kanji on ur video doesn't means death, it meas love

  18. they need to make the server side better because 8 is not alot

  19. Mans had me dying when he said you will regret this

  20. You that Zeno from dbz is a side character?

  21. The thumbnail says "death" but thats "family" in chinese 🙂

  22. I thought you play "A heros destiny" a one punch man game

  23. "Like this video or forever stay side character"

    Honestly who would want to be a main character having powers is cool but, i enjoy staying as a background character whos face isnt even animated

  24. Thumbnail: Shows the Kanji of Love
    Subtitle DEATH

  25. unless im in the jojo universe then ima stay a side character

  26. Kelvin why dont you play dungeon quest anymore pls play

  27. Kelvin i have an alerte for you, you are getting lower in anime fighting simulator other players are getting stronger than you be careful! Thanks for this vid

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