Hunter X Hunter Reveals New Anime PV (Greed Island 2) -

Hunter X Hunter Reveals New Anime PV (Greed Island 2)

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Hunter X Hunter is coming out of hiatus starting September 22 and with freshly released trailers for the upcoming HXH Greed Adventure mobile game coming out late 2018, HXH is ramping up one of its most exciting comebacks in the last few years. Greed Adventure is about Greed Island 2, the sequel to the events of original greed island arc from the hunter x hunter anime and we already got some new anime footage for the promotional trailer of the upcoming game. Whether or not that will turn into a full fledged anime series, that is still in question but with how every mobile games is churning out their own anime series these days, it’s looking pretty good for Hunter X Hunter.

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  1. I think everyone’s upset but let me clarify a new anime is coming back as well

  2. so, Tokyo Ghoul:re ended a few weeks ago and now togashi is apparently 'coming out of hiatus' …

  3. Kinda wish they would fma this so I can get more episodes and a decent story and then when the manga is done they remake it again like with fma brotherhood

  4. Chimera Arc ruined the series, it was just a pile of copied arcs from other animes, especially from dragon ball,(cell and majin boo arcs) plus the end of the story should have been Gon finally seeing his father but they ruined it too in chimera arc, their 1st time meeting was so unsatisfying, also before chimera arc Gin was described as this bad ass super powerful hunter but in chimera arc he is this goofy annoying character. the quality when down in chimera arc, the seriousness of the series was similar to deathnote but in chimera arc it feel like im watching a One piece

  5. Greed Island is one of the most popular arcs? I never really thought it was the best. Don't get me wrong, Gon vs. Genthru is hype as fuck, but overall if I ranked the arcs, it'd be:
    1. Chimera Ant Arc
    2. Yorknew Arc
    3. Heaven's Arena Arc
    4. Greed Island Arc
    5. Hunter Exam Arc
    6. That last arc where Killua's trying to spoilers cuz *spoilers*, you know what i'm talking ab tho.
    They're all good ofc, although the Chimera Ant arc drags on for awhile, the last 20 episodes of the arc make up for all of it.

  6. Hey guys can anyone tell me, is hunter x hunter gonna get a new season or not

  7. If we cant get more chapters for HxH or more anime episodes than can we just get the Yu Yu Hakusho reboot ?? I know its ganna get like a filler series but still.

  8. Where can I read the new hxh manga chapters?

  9. Greed island 2 confirmed by the hunter association

  10. I want anime series , not manga . I love the anime !

  11. A game and the manga coming out of haitus?! My boner for HxH screams yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. I want to know the genders of killua fam and his mother eye, Gon's mother, hisoka's past, the end of phantom troupe.

  13. I thought it was pronounce Hunter X Hunter

  14. You really don't want an anime series just to fill a void by a previous good anime series. Ask the Berserk fans.

  15. I hope the Author Yoshihiro Togashi is Fine.. I really love Hunter X Hunter

  16. yes yes yes!!!! i love hunter x hunter <3 my favorite anime of all.

  17. should I start reading after chimera ant arc? or will the anime ever continue, finally???

  18. 2 of them u tripping you know there is 2 better ones dude….


  20. I haven't really watch the entire series but i watched 50% of the hunter exam arc, 30% of phantom troup arc, 30% of greed island, 70% of chimera ant war, and 100% of the last arc(Idk if it is an arc) which is the alluka & and the zoldyck clan, butlers, hisoka, unity of good chimera fellows, the zodiacs, Gon and Gin's emotionless reuniuon except for gon and leorio, I think its the falling action part of the chimera arc. I think that's ok for me to skip on the next arc, or season. probably I just can't understand Meruem's motives, specially that part the two couple died, maybe because the animators made it emotional, like how it maybe differs on the manga, like tokyo ghoul re's ginshi's death, fans might cry if they applied emotional track on that scene.

  21. The series left some things, who's the strongest ! %%%%%%% and needs to continue the story to get a point where we satisfy with Gon of course.

  22. Easily one of the worst lay down Anime
    it started great but there was a huge slump after greed island
    Really disappointed and i regret watching it…

  23. Greed island one of the most popular archs , really?

  24. Damnnnn thought it will be a new episode i watch the 148 episodes four times but I'm not bored of watching it over and over again


  26. Day one and the servers already crashed

  27. I hope they come out with another HXH anime. I love hisoka.

  28. Thats from game hunter x hunter greed adventure lol

  29. I want the continuation of this anime😍😍

  30. He’s lying this is not a new season coming out side story none of that is a damn game for phones he’s lying you liar

  31. Bro Tokyo ghoul ass please don't give hxh to the person who made Tokyo Ghoul

  32. just wanna share that Ohayou by Keno and the ending OST of Greed Island arc 2011 was two of my favorite anime songs of all time. It feels good, kinda takes you to an adventure

  33. I don't believe we will get a "full adaptation" for greed island 2 but I do believe they may set it up as a movie, which hasn't been done very much for anime games :D. If there is a another season of hunter hunter it will be continuing after the Chimera Ant Arc. Togashi is a genius. If he didn't believe that he could wrap up the series before he died then he would have quit a long time ago, but the fact that he hasn't means that he truly believes that he will do it or that he has someone who can help him finish it.

  34. The Great Betrayal will become true… Killua absolutes betray Gon. N you guys should decide what to believe.

  35. OMG. They must have enough content now. It's about time!!!

  36. Wtf is going on is this still on hiatus I haven't seen anything new yet!

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