Hunter X Hunter Reveals New Anime PV (Greed Island 2) -

Hunter X Hunter Reveals New Anime PV (Greed Island 2)

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Hunter X Hunter is coming out of hiatus starting September 22 and with freshly released trailers for the upcoming HXH Greed Adventure mobile game coming out late 2018, HXH is ramping up one of its most exciting comebacks in the last few years. Greed Adventure is about Greed Island 2, the sequel to the events of original greed island arc from the hunter x hunter anime and we already got some new anime footage for the promotional trailer of the upcoming game. Whether or not that will turn into a full fledged anime series, that is still in question but with how every mobile games is churning out their own anime series these days, it’s looking pretty good for Hunter X Hunter.

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  1. Sooo stupid they quit making hunterxhunter. How can you just stop the arc after Gon finds ging…

  2. The hxh community is full of shit and toxicity. Fucking trash fuckers weaboos. They make me want to slap some bitch ass up.

  3. I started watching hunterhunter last week..just started the last arc too.

  4. Breaking news a spider has broken in a armory and stole all guns
    Soldier: Uhh hey dude what you doing with all that 5.56?


  5. I think the anime will be similar too what happened with dragon ball super like the anime gets a special then maybe half a year to a year then anime picks up where it left off adapting the manga and the manga continues for a while but i think he may just write for it

  6. The way you speak every sentence is very irritating.

  7. I don't want hunter x hunter to be drawn by tokyo ghoul author.

    That guy already fucked tokyo ghoul as it is. His paneling is horrible and some stuff is so dark (literally) you can't understand what the fuck is going on. While hisoka's back story was well done, I am still not satisfied with art work. I much prefer togashi's broken horrible art (when he is sick) – at least I understand him and relate to him. When togashi is feeling well, you can see it in his art. The guys is a genius.

    Tokyo ghoul is probably above average (at best) Manga (yes, I read it all and saw the anime as well. so I know what I am talking about), it ain't no masterpiece like hunter x hunter. He has no business with hunter x hunter.
    I'd much prefer it if togashi's wife (sailor moons author) took over it instead. But knowing togashi, he likes to do everything himself, which is fine. When you draw a Manga like hunter x hunter, I am willing to forgive murder.

  8. I want the anime to continue Gon and Killua MUST Reunite (I don't care about Alluka as long as this happens)
    ( and gon should be able to use nen because some people told me he couldn't)
    This has to be the best shounen along with Fairy tail

  9. how could they not have enough material to continue after chimera ant arc? That arc ended years ago and it's not like arcs in hunter x hunter consists of many episodes to begin with…. I mean the series is only 148 episodes in length now.

  10. You called it dude, Hunter X Hunter is pushing itself with new new movie in theaters in such now. I’m hyping myself for Hunter x Hunter 2019. (hopefully)

  11. best arc in hunter x hunter is chimera ant arc

  12. greed island 2 sounds stupid, just continue the anime with the regular story….also it is troupe (tro-ppe) not troop like a traveling group of people

  13. Please just build on the anime story line. Would really love to watch the arc following the Chimera Ant saga.

  14. Finished today and I am already waiting

  15. Tbh I just want him to TELL the story at this point. The anime makers do a damn good job interpreting things. He can draw the characters to give the idea of what they should look like.. But I just want to know how it will end lol. It's so good and it's hanging in such a delicate spot. Killua and Gon are separated. Leorio is the weakest of our 4 friends and he's going to the DC with Kurapika who just shaved off a bunch of his lifespan. Ging has his hidden abilities that I want to know lol SO MUCH. I'm not complaining at all that he's doing tons of writing vs drawing on the latest chapters. I just hope he will finish it and not rush the ending(I know I want it but not to feel forced or like "just let it be over") I think Togashi does such a fantastic job with his characters and storyline. I just.. Ugh. I'm sure others can relate to my impatience lol

  16. What’s togashi’s social media or hxh social media?

  17. Love Hunter but the problem is, it drags and drags and drags! They don't need to explain everything and get so technical. Get's annoying tbh.

  18. The best anime ever i watched, great philosophy of power (better than Naruto)!

  19. writing the story alone can be finished in a few months, so basically the story can be finished, unless the writer is doing the story in manga way, so it is pretty long and difficult if you add the drawings as the stroy progress. If it is just a narrative book and not a manga, the story can be done.

  20. Is going to hit the bell because Hisoka is BAE!!!!

  21. I would argue that yyh is his life’s best work

  22. Greed island arc was awesome but kimera ant arc was horrible

  23. If he is not going to do hXh anymore I think he should just come out flat and tell us instead of wasting his and our time. Because I honestly love this anime don’t get our hopes up for nothing.

  24. this is probably the best anime ever created in the history of the world

  25. Hisokaa is still da best character! I dare you to tell me not!!

  26. Take that clickbait title and shove it up your ass.

  27. If it gonna look same I wouldn't mind. He would still do story & writing;3

  28. @
    Tokyosaurus G.I isn't surely a mainstream but would do as a good spin-off possibility. Having a sequel, right, would be better idea tho. Gon dad showing him brand new world at the end of the series just made me jump. But then a hiatus…

  29. pariston and the other farm animals are my least fav char and arc of the series

  30. i like watch anime… i still waiting anime H x H season 2 in anime …..plsssss…..

  31. Crazy when you think the yorknew city arc took 12 years to finish animating. This hiatus shit is pissing me off for real

  32. There’s a lot of things saying that the anime only ended because they didn’t have manga left to televise so in about a year there might be a new season yay

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