Huge GAME CHANGING Updates? Tower of Fantasy - Upcoming 2021 Anime MMORPG -

Huge GAME CHANGING Updates? Tower of Fantasy – Upcoming 2021 Anime MMORPG

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Tower of Fantasy, the upcoming Anime MMORPG has overhauled some things.
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Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming Anime MMORPG being built as, essentially, the “Genshin Impact MMO.” As in, what Genshin Impact would be.. if it were actually an MMO like all of us were hoping it would be. We’ve seen the combat overhauled, we’ve seen various additions to the game, and now they’re showing us the kind of UI overhauls the game is getting in an attempt to improve even further upon what they already had, making for an even more beautiful MMO than ever before.


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Tower of Fantasy is a 2D immersive open-world handheld game developed by Hotta Studio. It combines de-labeled characterization, film and television-grade motion capture, high-freedom world exploration, and a scrappy sci-fi art style with a variety of scenes, interactive puzzle elements, and fast combat feel, to tell you a post-apocalyptic story of rescue and destruction.

Unreal 4 engine creates 2500*2500 seamless world, motion capture system gives the character real dynamic, various scenes interaction can be used for everything, low threshold, high depth, high refreshing operation system precisely meet the needs of all levels, careless action can trigger the hidden plot, gradually unlock the secret behind the main story. The fate and future of the world is in your hands every second!


  1. imagine PSO2 NG would have these crispy graphics and the awesome UI, i would reinstall it 🤣

  2. Tower of fantasy, and blue protocol? AND i almost had enough to buy a new PC? I guess i wont be late for a new mmorpgs

  3. Guys im confused.. does this game have no males to play? Is it completely female chars ? Because i have never seen a gameplay vid with a male in it

  4. I want to clarify if we can see other players here compared to genshin that you can only saw players on coop plays?

  5. I'm calling it now, but your party characters are going to be tied to gatcha and I'm completely fine with that system

  6. My theory: I think that in the story quest we and that white hair guy will save nemesis and when we will escape the 4 angles will try to stop us . We will win and escape and the angles will be given the job to kill us. Thy will be like the boss minster and after we defeat them they will become our alley

  7. Could it be that those (4) are bosses we need to fight?

  8. If this game is playable on phone we can assume that there will be only small updates with time limited events and maybe even time limited zones to avoid to make this game size to big to use on mobile devices.. it’s concerns me abit tbh

  9. Considering I’ve seen story elements for Tower of Fantasy before, I’m fairly certain this was just a preview for the voice actors who will be voicing characters pertaining to the “main story” of Tower of Fantasy. Like quest givers, NPC partners for the main quest, etc. They could also be bosses you’ll have to fight or something. This may be an mmo, but I have a feeling they’re also trying to bring an overarching story into it as well.

  10. Just freakin combination of Honkai and Genshin just look at the trailer Himeko and Siegfried is in there lmao haha… btw is this really mmorpg like we can see a lot of ppl or just like really genshin with coop feature?.

  11. every anime MMO is going to be "The biggest upcoming anime MMORPG" but they end up being forgotten 2 days after release.

  12. Hmm i get the feeling this will be like genshin. Maybe the character creation is for the main character (Lumine and ather in GI but replaced with the created character). Then there is those companion. But I do still hope that they are just NPC companion that we can travel with.

  13. tower of fantasy or blue protocol? hmmmm 🤔

  14. The effort on the effects .. SO SO GOOD 👍

  15. Perfect world games is a shitty delevoper, their games genre mainly mmo and mobile mmo and ALL of them are pay2win heavy, they don't fix bugs or improve the game they only release new content event item and job/classes for you to buy. I used to play alot of their games yeah they are shit but they do have some famous IP in china.

  16. That was an awful trailer and explained nor shown nothing to anyone

  17. just something about this feels so off. guess i gotta wait for beta impressions.

  18. Whoooo cares if it looks like Genshin if it plays better and has more content then all they did is took someone's idea and improved it like everyone does in anything

  19. Looks like a Gacha style MMO, and the created character is the MC (look to Genshin.) So those characters are going to support your created character. Is this a Mihoyo project? Because the Jump animation is identical to Genshin, and also if it is, then it will be a Gacha.

  20. I am very much looking forward to this. If it 's like Genshin, but more content, then I'm sold. Also loving the more techy feel to it. Genshin is wonderful, but to be honest I've never been completely sold on the whole Glamor fight a slime thing. Genshin is sort of fantasy, but not quite, and everyone in the game is far too nice. I prefer a bit more real, bit more darker, theme to my games, so hoping this will at least not have that "bubbly" feel of genshin that sometimes sets my teeth on edge.

  21. Stix why are you using Adblocker when watching your own videos xD!

  22. You have no idea what you're talking about

  23. Dear MMOBYTE, I hope you feel much better soon. I really missed you saying "Peace" at the end your video :(((((

    P.S. Keep making making these great videos.

  24. Wait…people saying it looks like pso2 and GI?

    It looks more like if Honkai and PGR had a baby together, this is what it would be.

  25. rules number 1 :
    never add auto in game like this and dont use 'combat power' system.

  26. i dont like the new action bar… but.. will see 😉

  27. Is there any info about its date of global release?

  28. this better not end up being a game where every character speaks in a foreign language, if genshin could make english speaking characters these people should be able as well

  29. Their dog is looking more beautiful than genshin's ngl so I am all in for this.

  30. I will play this game in mobile because THIS IS MMORPG MOBILE WITHOUT AUTO COMBAT AND GOOD GRAPHIC asf.. i will give my money for this game idc if is gonna be p2w is standard for all mobile mmorpg game. I will hype for tgis game.. but sadly many people don't like this game and give 1 star for this game because this game is bad many bug, copy genshin and someone say genshin is better like wtf?? Lmao this mmorpg why need to compare.. genshin too is copy from botw but genshin make many feature in the game.. and yeah ToF is like genshin but more modern features and mmo.. copy copy is normal for the developer why need to triggered?? 🤦

  31. Hope this game won't burn out our devices like genshin does.

  32. If i really have to guess i think those four characters are NPCs that are tied to the story that can support you in one way or the other and like Genshin Impact those characters have story quests about themselves and when you play for example the story quest of Nemesis she will accompany you on the mission, how much friends you can bring is hard to tell and also it's possible the four girls each represent a class you will choose when you create your character with each having advantages and disadvantage.

  33. Honestly prefer the new UI
    the old UI has a kind of…generic mobile look to it.
    the circles and the map outline itself just look boring and uninspired.
    the new one is a slight change but for the better imo.

  34. I thought it was confirmed ToF was gonna be a Gacha game. It can still be an MMO, you just dont have access to all characters without playing on the slot machine. The character we make is gonna be pretty underpowered compared to the gacha units too, if the industry standard persists.

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