How to beat the Nine Tail BOSS! Anime Fighting Simulator | Roblox -

How to beat the Nine Tail BOSS! Anime Fighting Simulator | Roblox

Animators VS Games
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The key is to actually hit the boss, you do more damage that way.
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INTRO MUSIC BY Souichi Sakagami :

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  1. The christmas tree is a spirit beam from a grimoire

  2. If you want to add me on roblox and help me its


    I asked you how your so good you said swords are important

  4. Me took 10 secs to defeat boss
    And me have 186sp power
    And my always dmg is 238sp

  5. I get 14 yen per boss but how do you get 9000.

  6. Why my son plays it to and he want to be as strong as you

  7. I see on the top use the sonic adventure to logo the inverted

  8. You two join me to a super super super hars

  9. I can stay in air infinitely and solo boss with my technique if you want me to help you defeat boss just dm me on discord Zazky_RBLX#0273

  10. How to describe Alan and kurama: a centipede getting fried by a laser beam big enough to melt Jupiter

  11. Clan is uchiha!!! And moon thing is sharinggan

  12. Bro i feel bad for youre friend or brother or somethin i just feel bad 🙁

  13. i need all the powers of kurama i got spiral shuriken and tailed monster bomb from him

  14. Even know I don't actually watch anime, like EVER I would still watch the anime from the intro

  15. DJ: "Roblox, Champs and adults only"

    Me: I can see why you say that
    Yet this still had me laughing really hard I mean really adults only!

  16. YOU PLAY THIS!? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, My. I'm going to do this again.

  17. I- if we get 1T likes

    population: 7 billion people


  18. It’s so easy to solo the Ninetails if you have sun style

  19. Whats wrong with you alanbecker Why your a Robot hah

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