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HOLY NEW ANIME GAMES! NEW Tokyo Ghoul Call to Exist + Kill la Kill THE GAME! Baby Vegeta DLC & MORE!

AfroSenju XL
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Today we’re going over ALL OF THE NEW ANIME GAME NEWS that blew up my timeline this morning my boy. I WASN’T READY TO SAY THE LEAST. AND THERE IS STILL RUMORED TO BE MORE!

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  1. Bru wtf why isn't Tokyo ghoul coming for xbox

  2. I 🅱️ u 🅱️afro 🅱️rocking the red 🅱️hirt 😭😭😭😭😭


  4. tokyo ghoul game would it be released on pc after console release ??? pls someone answer

  5. I would want character customization for ghoul or CCG and different story for both


  7. I cant do this any more tokyo ghoul kill la kill jump force mha one justice smash bros ultiment shinobi strikers black clover i want them all but i cant afford them all at once life loves makeing me poor

  8. The anime of Black Clover's good, who cares about the voice, english or japan

  9. So what do we get when Goku Black and Baby Vegeta fuse together?

  10. When Afro doesn't do his intro…….people get triggered

  11. Tokyo Ghoul could work like a storm game i think..

  12. If bandi namco fucking makes any of these games ima be PISSED !

  13. Somebody can tell me what an action survival game looks like, and can tell me an example of action survival game

  14. No joke guys but the Tokyo ghoul community I'm in on ps4 Im the first person to ever say lets me a Tokyo ghoul Game for ps4 the members said great idea so they spread the word to the world and now the studio that's making Tokyo ghoul caught the attention and decided to make it I'm Soo happy I told everyone that we should make a game

  15. tokyo ghoul im hype as fucked xd both are very nice the anime and the manga

  16. Dragon Ball GT heavily slept on imo🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. Finish Tokyo Ghoul re: I think you'll like it as it goes on.

  18. I thought the first episode of TG re and yes I do read the manga

  19. Hopefully that Tokyo Ghoul game will be available for Xbox or at least PC because Xbox never gets any anime games besides DBZ and Naruto pretty much

  20. Goku Black and Baby Vegita fusion? Baby Vegito Black confirmed? 🤔

    There's actually a sprite animator that made a fight with it

  21. ill take that chair from your hands lol, but im being serious….

  22. Arena because I hate Haise (I don’t want to end up playing him)

  23. They said it’s gonna be pvp and survival type game but I’m definitely getting the Tokyo ghoul game looks interesting and I’ve been feening for a console Tokyo ghoul game @AfroSenjuXL

  24. I didn't see you dancing at first and it didn't sound right my guy

  25. Just give me CACs for Tokyo Ghoul and we're good. If not, eh, the game can still be enjoyable to a certain degree.

  26. My mom though ur intro u walking in the room was gay porn thank you '-'

  27. For Tokyo Ghoul I’d like it to be set up like an RPG. You’d have a lot more leeway to tell the story cause let’s be honest the most story you get outa an arena fighter is hey go punch that dude and if you lose you dishonor your family.

  28. راااك كبير ازبي اكبر طلع نيفو

  29. You can't listen to people that say Black Clover is bad cuz he's actually really good with a good fan base

  30. Come on the ones that say that asta is annoying all the ones that watch my hero who are the main characters crying at least this one stands up the himself and he's not a little b#

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