Got Two of The Newest Secrets in Anime Fighters Simulator -

Got Two of The Newest Secrets in Anime Fighters Simulator

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  1. Im in your video omg my nickname roblox EliaPerillo2010

  2. I prefer naming the ghost secret john Cena

  3. The only sad thing in update is the boost paused gone

  4. banda ayer me toco el solid gold en un personaje en estrrellas pero tenia el auto sell prendido

  5. Im gonna buy your Merch PapaThar even i only got 1 robux i will save it for your Merch

  6. papa thar please upload anime fighting simulator video 😀

  7. I luv the intro man keep up the good work

  8. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  9. really love your content papathar 🙂

  10. nex vid shuld be geting team of full shiny seacret fighters O-O

  11. This Update Sucks -_- They removed the Faces 😒👎

  12. I bought da merch and im also wearing it (the drip is real)

  13. New update so bad. I can't stop using my boosts.

  14. Hiii can u gift me clang heroes pleasee is my dream damage pleasee

  15. nice vid keep the godly work going can you pass me some secret luck ive played 115hours an no secret yet

  16. My first legendary was shiny xD
    When I got it in my head it was "WOW it's impossible"

  17. i got Broly first try from the dbz special star but i sold him. im still mad at myself for doing that.


  19. The robux units in the shop are: Spike I think (Cowboy Beebop) Kirito (Girl version and from Gun Gale Online) Inuyasha (From Inuyasha) and Guts (Frim Berserk)

  20. Hey papa thar, I need help with pet sim x, I was wondering if u could make my rainbow pets into dark matter. If u can my user is lachlan7763.

  21. I don’t understand this mans luck this man getting the best things and me over here can’t even get a secret

  22. I quit the game I spent like 2 days to get meliodas and I am at 12k spins and literally no money so I ain't wasting my time no more

  23. School :-

    Theacher asks say your father name

    Everyone says there fathers name

    Quiet kid my fathers name is thar

  24. They finally added chrollo to the game hes one of my favorite characters too bad u need robux to get him ): it was a pretty gud update and i personally like how the fighters look now they just shouldnt have removed the pause option 😀

  25. yo man if im right ghostly does 2x speed 2x damage maybe and u cant see him he is clear if im right there another one but meh i dont remember cause of memory problem

  26. Hello I'm the kid replying you im saber simulator when you update video and keep it up I'm so happy 😊❣️😊

  27. You're vids Are good but,the intro Is just..cringe

  28. omg stop wasting rbx that hurtssssss. I want the magnet since the game has been launched and u are wasting robux like that.

  29. when i get mythical: OMG OMG I GOT MYTHICAL
    When papa thar gets mythical: ok?…

  30. Can I say it whatever but the mythical is stronger


  32. Next: im got 10.00M Strength and 20.00T Energy!

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