Goku's All New Transformations w/Anime Auras SSJ1-2-3-4-G-B-BK-R-PU-FP-UI - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - animegamematome.tokyo

Goku’s All New Transformations w/Anime Auras SSJ1-2-3-4-G-B-BK-R-PU-FP-UI – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Goku All New Transformations KK-SSJ1-SSJ2-SSJ3-PU-SSJ4-SSG-SSB-SSBK-SSR-Ikari-UIOMEN-UI (SO DOPE)

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Transformations Includes:

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 3
Potential Unleashed
Super Saiyan 4
Super Saiyan God
Super Saiyan Blue
Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken
Super Saiyan Rose
Ultra Instinct Omen/(Sign)
Ultra Instinct
Full Power Super Saiyan

Special Credit and Thanks to Deez for DOPE Auras:

Dandrich for Kaioken and SSJ Rose Goku
Stephky22 for Ikari Goku
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  1. That first UI combo string is hard to follow

  2. You are the best youtuber of dbxv2 in my opinion 🙂

  3. Damn I loveee dragon ball hugeeee like is a pleasure to be here never stop see you next time love thouse transformations

  4. Can you please do moro arc goku and not TOP goku

  5. cool, very cool! full watch and a like incoming

  6. The only reason I ["like"]… The video because to see Ultra instinct's new move set, okay?

  7. What are the names of the song use in this video?

  8. Nice vids man keep it up you will grow even more subs one day

  9. I got a question could you mod ssj4 and maybe ssg for your CAC

  10. It would be amazing if there is a mod original aura in anime

  11. Transformation after kaioken makes a sound like chidori (Naruto) when loading a kamehameha

  12. That greenish yellow aura looks stronger than the legendary Super Saiyan Brolly

  13. Bro can you do me a favor MAKE XENOVERSE 3 FOR US PLEASE

  14. What is the name of the mod? It looks amazing

  15. bro that ultra instinct transformation and move sets are damn sick

  16. Video background music my friend could tell me the name of the song please

  17. This is what god blue and omen needs as actual arua

  18. Goku SSJR looks cool asf but hes outfits needs to be different color tho

  19. You skipped super saiyan 4 dude not cool for Goku and super saiyan false not cool

  20. The auras and transformation makes this mod look even more AWESOME!

  21. Anyone tell if the mods work for the codex version

  22. Why not add a ultra instinct ssj5 omni kaioken goku form? I'd love to see it done

  23. idk how to how to set up lazybones mod im new to modding ;-;

  24. Do you have the Mod link?, Or is it private.

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