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Forgotten Licensed Anime Games

Austin Eruption
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Forgotten Licensed Anime Games! You might recognize the series, but I bet you forgot about the games. Series like Dragon Ball Z, Inu-Yasha, Astro Boy or even Vampire Hunter D have their fans and followings, but I’m not so sure that one Beyblades video game does. IF IM WRONG, COME AT ME BRO.

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  1. My favorite anime games that I played were: Inuyasha: Secret Of The Cursed Mask on PS2, Yugioh Forbidden Memories for PS1, and Fullmetal Alchemist And The Broken Angel on PS2. Duel Masters on PS2 was kinda garbage, but since I was a weeb in the 2000's, who wanted as much anime and manga related things I could get my hands on, I bought it from a pawn shop. Also got Inuyasha: The Divine Jewel on DS after playing Secret Of The Cursed Mask, and never finished it. Also several Yugioh games: yugioh gx duel academy for GBA, yugioh eternal duelist soul for GBA, a 2 pack of Yugioh The Sacred Cards and Reshef Of Destruction on GBA, yugioh gx spirit caller on DS, Duelist Of The Roses on PS2, and Nightmare Troubadour on DS. Also, Austin, please review Inuyasha: The Divine Jewel, and Fushigi Yuugi:Suzaku Ibun. And a full review of Inuyasha: Secret Of The Cursed Mask.

  2. Ay yo I own revenge of king piccolo and I remember raging at the final boss for hours on end

  3. A T A R E ! ! !
    A T A R E ! ! !
    A T A R E ! ! !

  4. Inuyasha was my jam when i was a teen and i wanted the ps2 games i only had gamecube back than and now that im getting a ps2 and im getting the 2v2 fighter. Waiting for them in the mail also i now have seaspn 1 and 2 on blu ray and plan on getting season 3

  5. Man, I love Quintet. Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma are straight up in my Top 10 games of all time. If the main guy, who is pretty much straight up missing, came out of the woodworks again and started a kickstarter for another entry in the loose Soul Blazer series he would probably get all of my money.

  6. Secret of the cursed mask honestly looks like a really pretty PS1 game or a really boring PS2 game. Sad to see it was a PS2 game.

  7. still no Heritage for the Future and Soldier's Soul smh

  8. Dot hack versus looks like the best fighting game ever made!

  9. Secret of the cursed mask was such a fucking bop. Sunk so many hours into it, it was pretty well done for what it was

  10. Some love for wild arms yes and wild arms 3 is the greatest. How about the robotech battle cry for PS2

  11. Funnily enough, I loved playing V-Force, and my brother was no different. Speaking of, he literally went all-out on it; he went to max money and every part, lol.

  12. The Beyblade games on Gameboy Advance are actually pretty good you should give him a shot

  13. I am looking for a copy of Serial Experiments Lain, can anyone help me.

  14. Soooo like I’m here for inuyasha, I loved the games and the anime, I like the new one as well.

  15. I wish they would port the cursed mask on the switch 😆

  16. OMG the backgrounds to that inuyasha game are sooo pretty!!! Maybe it's really a game that deserves a good patch…

  17. I once told a girl I could get her a killer VPN, but she told me that was disgusting and never wanted to speak to me again.

  18. Have you tried that Ghost in the Shell game for PS1 in which you play as a Tachicoma?

  19. Why not try Bakugan on the wii! I think you will like it. 😊

  20. I had the same vforce beyblade game…………. That was regularly thrown into my closet so i could pop metroid prime into my silver gamecube and play it for 5 hours😂😂😂

  21. I recall Initial D and Wangan Midnight games on PS2, PSP and PS3 we're pretty good even tho Special Stage was essentially PS2 port of Arcade Stage 2 and Wangan Midnight games are merely reskins of Shutoku Battle Series, in which whaddaya' expect from the same company that brought these games anyways?

  22. Start of this video is clearly Digimon Cards

    You've got a great choice of music and content in your videos

    Keep up the good work

  23. Yo that Zoid game? I may have played it exclusively at a kids birthday party I wasn't invited to, but was welcomed in anyway

  24. I remember back in the ps1 days, I completed that fighting game 100%

    And the final reward was like evil inuyasha or something like that. And it was the worst character to play as.

    After that it just corrupted my memory card…

    Good times.

  25. If Inuyasha the secret mask was like Fire Emblem Shadows, with quick and fun battles and cute romantic discussions with the characters; it would be better 🙂 This game seams soooooooo slow and a bit boring but with a few changes, he can be good!

  26. I think a good reason why the Lain playstation game didn't get ported (or why t shouldn't be) is the fact that, while the original show is very compassionate to the mentally ill, the game is…extremely, extremely ableist to its title character and schizophrenic people in general

  27. Stumbled along this channel and the quality of the content is really great! Keep it up bro great work!!

  28. Inuyasha Secret of the Cursed Mask was my childhood PS2 game. I was obcessed with the anime and would spend hours on this game as well!

  29. me, desperately hoping the inuyasha in the thumbnail referenced the dating sim rpg game. bless

  30. There was a Inuyasha DS game and it has American OC as a player character.

  31. I spent hours upon hours playing sounds assault as a late teen

  32. I'm actually more familiar with zoids wild on netflix, a more kid oriented anime thanks to my little brother.

  33. I know this video is old, but yes. More wild arms please

  34. love the dragonball series over the dbz specialy when the tournament started

  35. I’m still convinced the best Bayblade game is the Japan exclusive first game (Pokémon inspired RPG) that came out on the GBC.

    Came out in Japan before the anime was a thing, so most of the characters/Beyblade spirits are originals or only share a visual similarity with their anime counterparts.

    Also had pixel art monster girl boob jiggle, which awakened something inside young me.

  36. There are some good anime games like the Ninja storm games, Xenoverse 2, etc.

  37. I now request a star ocean 3 video because I question what you think is wrong with that game (aside from voice acting)

  38. The protagonist's name in that Inuyasha game gave me PTSD flashbacks to a certain 11 that can survive off of crayons and lighter fluid.

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