Finally a LONG AWAITED New Update for BLACK CLOVER Roblox... -

Finally a LONG AWAITED New Update for BLACK CLOVER Roblox…

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  1. Hey kelvin can you play dungen quest like the old days again?


  3. hi kelvin im subscribe to you with all my 10 gmail acc

  4. Kelvin before Like Me who thought the game will be not that fun But when u actully play it

  5. Kelvingts Play anime dimensions simulator

  6. kelvingts give me some robux

    this is my username; derhang23

  7. Hope someday ill be like you but its impossible cause i am in mobile

  8. Kelvin can you do a black clover game vid?black clover is becoming pretty famous so if you make everyone see a good black clover game people will start making them in roblox,pls support black clover,o God of roblox anime

  9. Kelvin play pet simulator x plssss
    I wanna see how much you spen a rbx

  10. U should play attack on titan untitled 🙂

  11. Kelvin some one is caching you in Anime fighting simulator

  12. black clover manga is epik and the colored version is really good

  13. 1100+ hours in anime fighters damn, i got a little bit less hours in dota 2

  14. Kelvingts can you play dork coners chapter one on roblox plllllsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  15. kelvin your in no 2 chakra in anime fighting sim

  16. Cn you try to use webcam when your past a million

  17. I was subbed since 300k >:D I used to watch u at 100k subs but I forgot to sub but when i sub i got pro lucky >:D

  18. Do you play dungeons anime fighting simulator?

  19. I always wonder why anime fighters animation and effect is really good,but they made it a freaking auto click simulator game.The dev is talented but the game itself doesnt even have any fun bout it.

  20. Are you the developer of anime fighting simulator roblox??

  21. kelvin i hope you see this comment cuz if u can do you think you can recreate tobi/obitos mask or something close pls i believe you can

  22. Hey Kelvin!If i need an shindo life account whit maxed minakaze(minato bloodline) i can hand it to u if u want for a video.

  23. When is ur gaming coming out? Rly excited 😀

  24. kelvin try Generic Jojo Game (yes thats the title) its for man of cultures😉😉 (simps)


  26. kelvin pls anime fighting simulater video plsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T T

  27. Kelvin i know what yoi should play,you should plau sorcerer fighting simulator.its alot like dungeons afs but just that you are a wizare and you can have a spirit animal and stuff like that.the best part is ot has amaxing parkour

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