FINALLY...A Good New Anime Dungeon Quest Game! -

FINALLY…A Good New Anime Dungeon Quest Game!

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Game: ?
Finally… We waited so long for this…

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  1. i hate u kelvin 🙁 u forgot that u jorourney started from dq 🙁 i am dislike 🙁

  2. finally a good game to play for the summer

  3. ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  4. Kelvingts: The game came out an hour ago
    Me: it was created on June 11, you looked on the wrong thing ;-;

  5. Man, the fact they got 35k+ players in just around a day….

  6. i took Luffy to start with damn this game is really nice

  7. Kelvin: Learn to dodge
    Also kelvin: Gets hit immediately

  8. Tik Tok, and Twitter community s__k Change my mind says:

    4:42 Useless anime characters know how to talk?

  9. There are so many people wanting afs content again

  10. Me goes to play this with my brother when we’re in the game :bruh I’m leaving it’s so lagggyyyyyyyy

  11. It's Dungeon Quest for ultimate no life weebs

  12. This game is blowing up like crazy, this game is amazing.

  13. So you have fall into a pit of rimuru fan and remember guys rimuru is a guy or genderless cause he is a slime

  14. I can't believe I discovered the game earlier than him

  15. I love that the thumbnail is rimuru tempest

  16. this game is horrible every move has end lag it’s so annoying honestly.

  17. me:spends 2 1/2 hours playing to get rimuru
    Kelvin:haha i p2w
    also kelvin:gg noob

  18. Probably the best dungeon game in roblox dungeons I give it second place

  19. I was wondering if I wanted to stay as one character would that be a good choice or bad?

  20. Yo dungeon quest updated with enchanted forest dungeon pls pay it

  21. This is the best ANIME Dungeon game I've played so far…

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