FASTEST WAY TO GET A FULL TEAM OF SECRETS IN [🔥NEW] Anime Storm Simulator (Roblox) Code -

FASTEST WAY TO GET A FULL TEAM OF SECRETS IN [🔥NEW] Anime Storm Simulator (Roblox) Code

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Hey guys!! I hope this video helps you!!! I’m extremely excited for tomorrow!!! For now, I must grind this awesome game : D

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  1. Toad do you know anime fighters will it be saved data or start again or do ytou have no idea but i just can'twait for it

  2. 8 or 9pm est time anime fighters will be out 😀

  3. uhhhhh he never actually taught us how to get a secret

  4. I quit bc I spent so much and didn't get inferno

  5. Let’s go my fav YouTube posted another vid 🙂

  6. Toad im the broke one i get five dollas every week saddness

  7. I feel like a lot of ppl r gonna leave this game cuz anime fighters is coming back, remember we only played another anime games cuz anime fighters was down

  8. How do you get the secrets do you afk farm them? Can you auto fuse so you won’t fill ur inventory and it won’t be fused with the rest like afs?

  9. That game is very cool but my device not enough to play that game I get 10 fps

  10. I was in your game earlier with Fiction lol, i took a screenshot with you

  11. Toad I was in your and fictions game and I got a screen shot with you

  12. i had to go sleep when u did ur live stream so how was it?

  13. Make a video when you show new people how to equip the units

  14. dont mean to be rude i just wonder whats with your lips?

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