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Examining Google’s Anime Olympics Doodle Game (Champion Island)

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It’s rare that I pay much attention to Google Doodles—the little panels that appear on the site’s homepage to coincide with some event or anniversary. However, lining up with the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the site released a full blown game with several sport-adjacent minigames to try out and a full world to explore, topped off with gorgeous anime cutscenes from Studio 4°C that at least got me curious enough to check out the full thing. Let’s analyse and discuss the games available, their novel use of Japanese folklore and their function as an advert for the larger Olympics!


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  1. I would love to play this on my vita or switch, it's so cute!

  2. Idk how to beat the archery game the guy on the horse is way faster than me and my hand starts hurting after spamming the space board 🙁

  3. I spent too long on table tennis…
    I didn't give up and now im the god of it, i got the highest possible score
    Care to challenge that? Not missing a single ball in both the normal one and the secret one
    Edit: turns out there is a THIRD table tennis…. Time to waste more of my life
    Edit: i've gotten to only 5 missed out of 100

  4. I was the guy who spent a few hours on the google page and got all of the trophies

  5. I spent a lot of time on the archery, ddr, racing and a bit on mountainclimbing too. Maybe i just suck. I can speedrun the game in like 10 minutes now, but i really enjoyed the doodle, escpecially the easter eggs of talking to the intelligent kappa.
    I felt this was too harsh :/

  6. Ah yes, Google. A company that advertises their games

  7. it just took yo kai mythology to make a great game

  8. Have you tried holding down the action button in the archery minigame?

  9. Got triple dango on all the games and its variants except for the rhythm one and the variant of the football game and I'm satisfied in completing all the side quest.

  10. also all the music (which is really good) is made by a youtuber named Qumu!

  11. This is a game i completed in 40 minute and barely talk to anyone, i should play it again sometimes.

  12. Damn this game should be flash out more it have the potental to became a nice indie game or a Short little anime

  13. i finished a 100% and i really liked the last trophy

  14. As someone who tends not to be very good at games, and can't play most first person and sometimes even second person games, I really loved this. I like just being able to escape to a new world for a while. Lucky is so cute and has a great personality, and the whole game feels very happy. I'll probably come back to it eventually.

  15. Damn… Me and my mates would've loved playing this game during high school. We were stuck with Google pacman and any unblocked shady game sites we could find. 🤣🤣

  16. I loved playing this. I even went and got all the achievements


  18. Got high as fuck and played this by accident. Beat it. P fun

  19. 6:48 honestly this challenge made me want to rip my hair out LMAO definitely the hardest one

  20. wait maybe they changed it or i was just very lucky but to me archery was like really easy o_o

  21. I found Oni rugby easy, actually. Took two or three attempts? My frame of reference was the race though, because I went there first and it was a bit frustrating.

  22. lololololol you are bad at archery I beat him by a mile first try

  23. Lol everybody was playing this in class last month

  24. when i clicked this doodle i did not expect an anime/JRPG lol

  25. "table tennis is the first sport you're presented with"
    not true, my first mini-game was rock climbing

  26. I was so surprised when I clicked on this google doodle. I only do when one catches my eye and boy am I glad that this one did. It sucks that I was about to go to bed when I found it because I spent all night finishing it.

  27. The Japanese studio that made this game game is really talented and they made sure to contain old JRPG eastern eggs too

  28. I found non-stop random arrow shooting to work really well instead of properly aiming in the archery game

  29. This game looks like it has more content and personality than Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  30. watched this on mobile so tried to play on mobile. my move button is so hard to press. sometimes it just doesn’t register it and I cannot for the life of me get past the second game

  31. Who else found all the trophies and got the true ending?

  32. Tip for archery, spam the fans and targets, the more points you get the faster you shoot, eventually just spam and you win

  33. idk how you messed up the archery. I never lost that game

  34. The challenges were fun imo. The easy ones were annoying and the hard ones were good. I don't agree with your complaints on the Archery and Race but it was a nice video.

  35. the second rugby, running and climbing were insanely difficult.

  36. Bro, you’re expecting way too much from a browser game.

  37. So I hope you enjoyed the video! What a neat little thing this ended up being, even if the games themselves aren't exactly the height of mechanical substance. If you enjoy the videos and would like to directly help me continue to make more, consider heading to https://patreon.com/writingongames and pledging only what you're comfortable with. Doing so gets you access to things like early, completely ad-free video uploads as well as new patron-exclusive commentaries on older videos! Your support is what allows me to keep doing this and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. Stay safe everyone!

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