CRYSTAL OF ATLAN: You Guys HAVE to See This New Anime MMORPG! -

CRYSTAL OF ATLAN: You Guys HAVE to See This New Anime MMORPG!

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I’m not often impressed when looking at trailer for MMORPGs – Anime MMOs especially, but I’ll be the first to admit that the trailer for Crystal of Atlan actually looks pretty good.

Crystal of Atlan looks to be a type of MMO – but whether it will be of the scale of titles like Final Fantasy XIV remain to be seen. It might feature smaller-scale content like PSO2 of SoulWorker, but in a larger, more open world.

The game looks to employ a type of action combat with very flashy abilities, but as the UI wasn’t present in the trailer it’s not possible to accurately gauge the type of combat system this will fully utilize, as at present, the game looks like it’ll be targeting a cross-platform audience.

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  1. It's a genshin clone that, much like genshin, will be a R E A L LY beautiful but R E A L L Y empty fucking world.

  2. Styxx: (in any New game he looks at) "Wow great character designs" what he really means "LOOK AT THOSE BAZUNGAS!!"

  3. kinda giving me kritika online 2.0 just me?

  4. The game looks very interesting hopefully it turns out to be something great!

  5. "the character models look REALLY good!" like most modern game at this point? Just sayin

  6. Oh no Games now are copying Genshit impact, society is decliving

  7. I would love if a streamer invited friends over to play "project BBQ" and when they all arrive, takes them out back to an actual barbecue…that would be hilarious.. worst project name ever..project

  8. I love the game and it looks awesome ngl but…. There are too much mmorpg games coming out this year that has the same mechanic can we just go back to the regular mmorpg where you can create your own character without gender lock and dynamic class system where you can switch between classes or choose/buy (using ingame currency) class tree skills where you can make your own class like seriously i miss those types of mmorpgs

  9. NOOOOOOOOOO is it like no character creation??????????????????????? sorry but no from me if i cant have my own custom character

  10. its own mobile so its almost certainly going to be a gacha wallet destroyer 🙁

  11. this reminds me of genshin, honkai, and fate mixed all together.

  12. Well, much as I'd rather NOT defend a "game" like Blade & Soul but, certain aspects of my own MMO concept (gear upgrade components system, dungeons' mechanics design ideas),
    are directly inspired by olde-school Blade & Soul
    {back when Ebondrake Citadel, Desolate Tomb, & Naryu Foundry were the highest Dungoens in the game & that shetty HM10 Soul hadn't been added yet},
    … a few ideas come from Pacific Rim ("Battlemech" design style/aesthetics) [Like a better version of my alien death weapon concept from a looong time ago <wish i had gotten to work on Pacific Rim 😭>],
    …. a few ideas from FF14's totally awesome but totally pointless & pointlessly massive Crafting system (for my own MMO's Crafting System),
    ….. strangely enough an idea from Toram AND FF14 {for how i wanna design my Housing System}
    …… & other random ideas from places like Neir: Automata & Monster Hunter World
    (combat animation/flowmotion & choreography)

  13. It looked like a NPC party system like scarlet nexus.not mmo

  14. I can understand why it would be on mobile I just hope the feel and complexity of the gameplay isn't held back by being a mobile game

  15. A Reskinned Genshin Impact for sure. The look is way too similar,Breath of the wild set the tone,then genshin,and now this game. The trend will continue

  16. it looks like a carbon copy of other anime games lmfao

  17. Looks like a mix between Genshin Impact's aesthetic and Nier Automata's Level Design with a little more color. I bet it's gacha (I know the dev said it's not, I'm saying they're lying). Considering how much it looks like it's trying to bank on Genshin's success.

  18. Personally i like fantasy anime mmorpg more like genshin impact like i just like those games better
    Also this is my personal opinion so yeah 👍

  19. First Genshin Impact, then Tower Of Fantasy, Blue Protocol and now this…
    Why do they all look so good for an indie (?) game?

  20. i just dont like on Genshin was the character. they're just copying each other and just a little bit upgrade same animation..

  21. There was a lady in a long, flowing red dress that had long, cybernetic pointy legs. I want to have long, cybernetic pointy legs. If I can't have long, cybernetic pointy legs in this game then I'm going to cry.

  22. i hope that i can play it on my normal pc , because i can play soulworker and honkai

  23. i have a pc whit less then i3 and a 4 gb and 500 go , what anime games do you recommend plz

  24. I just hope there's a ready to go MMO with a cell shaded graphics (Like genshin impact etc/Blue Protoco; etc) that will just drop out of nowhere.

  25. DAMN! nice game video acgn= Anime, Comic, Games and Novels??? btw. its a android/ios game i think

  26. Just pls tell me im not gonna wait for this as long as i waited for freaking project bbq

  27. we love anime
    Actually we love cute things

  28. "I don't think this is a MMO"
    "Maybe it's like Genshin Impact"
    Wait… isn't genshin a mmo?

  29. Whats good about it is that… Its still upcoming, ….

  30. feels like Kritika, I wonder why Kritika fell down, but ill be honest, nothing is better than Kritika when it comes to anime dungeon grinding, aesthetically pleasing skills and combat.

  31. I don‘t mind if they are a copy of Genshin, we really need more games like that one

  32. it looks like the good version without whales of genshin impact

  33. It's obviously a copy of Genshin you can tell by just looking at the grass…

  34. I'm loving what genshin started 😂 now we will see many such anime games, being a hardcore fan of anime games , this is heaven for me

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