Creating a 3D Anime Environment in Unreal Engine: Project Feline Indie Game Devlog -

Creating a 3D Anime Environment in Unreal Engine: Project Feline Indie Game Devlog

Raymond Cripps
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In this devlog episode, we’ll be exploring the lighting process for the environment for my indie game—Project Feline! We’ll be exploring how I made use of Unreal Engine’s powerful lighting and atmosphere systems combined with texturing techniques to make a 3-d anime-style experience!

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  1. I would say look into more advanced techniques and material functions in unreal to get the look you're going for, also substance painter/designer for textures and environment materials. it will give you much more freedom and the workflows and pipelines let you iterate much faster than just using Photoshop

  2. why not simplify the color pallete of the containers to only two or three

  3. Like blue and white, or red and orange, or green and white

  4. It might sound unreasonable, but i think it could work, so hear me out:

    if you have a filter which is too performance hungry you could train a neural network on it to significally speed things up (like DLSS).
    as you can feed it images from the game it would be used on, it doesn't even have to guess that much and you have unlimited ground truth objects (which makes it training a lot easier)

  5. Try to look into this photo to anime style tutorial for Photoshop:

    Maybe you will be able to replicate this in game engine or even maybe applying this to realistic textures will do the trick.

    Cool series. Waiting for next video as I am currently up to date

  6. The game looks so professional now with the textures and the lighting. Really looking forward to the sound and effects improvements in the next devlog. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Yo man, just wanted to say great work! But 1 thing really triggers me: this thing is the transition between movement animation, it’s a little rough, I know that anime looks like that but man doesn’t it look a little wired, if you read this thanks for the time that you spent im supporting ya, keep the good work

  8. in blender you can bake light/shader effects to the texture im pretty sure

  9. I wonder how hard it'd be to make a lighting probe system for Gabby. Something that could catch the lighting in her environment and use it to light her model so that she reacts more to the light in her surroundings.

  10. I'd say for anime, a big thing is difference in foliage versus structures. you can usually tell foliage is usually a color drawn in an area then different shades in same color tone (cool greens for grass and such) used to depict the blades of grass or leaf bushels in a tree and such, but the different from that to the buildings is big and key. building can be super realistic to an extent, anime usually has very saturated color, but the foliage is a nice difference to try and capture, and the artistic feel away from realistic looking architecture

  11. I do think the animations of moving foward are a bit too…. like.. not how youd skate in real life. Maybe make the girl bend her legs more? Idk, but so far this game looks amazingly good💙

  12. Decals are really useful, I think that graffiti, puddles, metal scratches and arrows could look great in this game.

  13. There should be a golbal lighting gradient (look up texture) that you may be able to change. Going from the default white-black to more of an orange-blue should make it look less real.
    I think Team Fortress 2 does this with a white-brown gradient.

  14. i know you will probably do both of these at some point but:
    1. the large wooden planks look the most out of place with the rest of the level. idk how much time it would take and you would probably do it anyways when you get around to updating the textures of the rest of your props.
    2. at some point i think you should start making one or more character models for the enemys in the level. i don't think it should take you nearly as long as you did on Gaby. if/when you do get around to it remember to not over do the detail on them, as you can make the level of detail correspond to how long you see them in the level.

  15. that shader you made doesnt works for unlit right?

  16. Hey raymond, you oughta check out Dynamic Bones!
    You can use them to make your character's tail and hair move more naturally, this may tax on performance a tiny bit, but it'd look really good! (I believe dynamic bones are present on UE4, i work in Unity so i'm unsure, sorry.)

  17. Maybe add some level of detail into your map, so the player has more refrence on where they are (and it would also make it look less like an endless container-scape)

  18. with my potato laptop knowing i can't make high quality games

  19. Man! I can't wait to play this! Will it be on PC?

  20. You should make it to wear you can switch between first an third person

  21. Game looks awesome looking forward to it coming out!

  22. now I'm scared of going back to unreal engine…

  23. you could maybe add some kind of engine at the feet and when she is dashin out of the engine comes some kind of high pressured steam

  24. just for curiosity, but what was the first thing that you learned on unreal engine? cause i did the official tutorial: Your first hour with unreal engine, and one of the things that was taught there was lighting like this one you did

  25. For the soft light: Look up Ghibli Style Rendering in Blender Eevee ( There are some on Clouds and Trees);
    Those Concepts could easily ve transfered to ue4. Most important is to edit the normals to conform to simple shapes, such as boxes and spheres, but make the GEOMETRY detailed. This is because in paintings, most of the time, you can easily draw shapes, but shading is harder, so one simply draws light-details (i.e. the soft glow effect…).
    Some tips for implementation:
    1. Model your geometry (and UV)
    2. Create a texture for OBJECT-SPACE normals
    3. Draw the Normals by first baking the Object Space normals to the texture and then simplify them to simpler shapes (i.e. remove the ridges of the Containers…)
    4. In UE4 make sure to change normals from tangent-space to object-space in your material. Then Plug the Object-space normal-Map into your Normal Socket.

  26. If you can, or when you can, you should get someone to help you with the game.

  27. I think making digital paint on assets can be ideal.

    Question : Are you planning to add the particle effects like during grinding or perhaps a bit of dust in the air?

  28. Just get rid of that reflection on the container when Gabi is sliding down the container and it'll be complete.

  29. You could set both bloom strength and threshold to a low value. That way you'd have bloom in the whole scene, but it would be barely noticeable. You could also do something with eye adaptation, using post process volumes to adjust when you're inside or outside.

  30. is beter make the scene just in unreal o is beter preset in blender, maya,….

  31. Your characters moves that reminds me a lot of Koich from my hero academia vigilantes: his slide and glide quirk is pretty dope

  32. Looking beautiful, love the anime look. Looking forward to every update 🔥

  33. As a aspiring solo dev whats better or easier to use for beginners unity on unreal?

  34. Wow, the lighting makes this repetitive level setup (object-wise) really suddenly look exciting. Really getting the most of these few models there, buddy! Good job.

  35. how the fuck do u get so many hits–good video

  36. Ey ray you should make this game an xbox game

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