Creating a 3D Anime Character In Blender (Part 1): Project Feline Indie Game Devlog #12 -

Creating a 3D Anime Character In Blender (Part 1): Project Feline Indie Game Devlog #12

Raymond Cripps
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In this indie game dev log episode, we will be going through the development of a new in-game character model for Project: Feline! We will cover my, character design and creation pipeline up until the creation of the base humanoid mesh. I’m modelling this character using Blender 3D, and taking inspiration from the style of Japanese anime/manga. Be sure to subscribe to see more videos like this on indie game development!

Part 2 – Finishing the Model:
Part 3 – Texturing:

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Anime Character Modeling Tutorial II by Daniel Kreuter:

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Game Credits:
0:38) Gameplay by Psychroclasm
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1:24) Clover Studio – Ōkami
1:25) Spike Chunsoft – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
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Art Credits:
7:45) Fan art by Hugsy

Music Credits:
0:00) Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Pangs
1:13) Broke For Free – Drop of Water In the Ocean
3:15) Chris Zabriskie – Air Hockey Saloon
6:50) Broke For Free – At The Count

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  1. How dare you be so good at this!
    It's just so frustrating to see people like you make stuff that looks so good and when I try to do the same, it looks worse than if a preschooler tried it. I have no experience with modeling, animation, drawing, etc and people say "look at how the masters do it and learn from them" but what I see is not much of a tutorial and more of someone absolutely nailing whatever I struggle with the most and that just makes me want to stop doing it and not even try again. It's like seeing someone climbing a mountain with ease but when you try it, it's too difficult.
    I absolutely love computers and stuff and I got into simple programming a few years ago with the big dream of creating and programming my own game. Sadly nobody ever told me that visuals are way more important for videogames than the programming part. I've thought that because I knew some basic C# I could make whatever game I wanted, but I never had any assets i could call my own and downloading or buying assets from strangers on the internet just doesn't feel right. Making my own assets was a huge goal for me but as time went on I've tried and failed so often that I've just given up on it and now I mainly use unity to make simple prototypes. These can be for an inventory system, automatic 2d level generation or just plain and simple snake. And it doesn't help that i have an attention span of the planck length. I've watched some of this series and I got enough inspiration to try out a little mechanic I've wanted to try out for quite some time now: animating a point A where a limb should go, shooting a raycast an setting another point B at either the hit point or said position A and then using inverse kinematics to make the limb go to the specified point B so that the character will always stand on the ground, always actually touches the handle of a door and the feet don't slide. But sadly I failed at during 3d modeling and just gave up.

    Okay, enough complaining. I enjoy seeing the progress you make in this series but I hate that eventhough every step is documented, I can't do this myself.

  2. I myself prefer the T-pose only because the limbs are at right angles which makes editing elements in place easier IMO.

  3. Looks like a 10'000 times better then the Googlesketchup

  4. How do you draw like that? I always struggle to understand how people can draw like that.

  5. Hello there my fellow weebs. Looks like the right place for me.

  6. Pretty good I am needing to get back into blender myself its one of those programs that punishes you for taking breaks.

  7. ray: "to further pronounce the contours of the body"
    also ray at that exact same time: *giving the cheeks a crease*

  8. As somebody whos trying to make their own animated series using blender this has really helped. Thanks man

  9. I had some ideas to make a game, but was unsure if it would be 2d or 3d. Thanks to your tutorial, now I'm 100 sure% that I will not get even close to trying 3d ever . Thank you

  10. any chance anyone can link the blender download page for it? All I am finding is blender classes on how to use it, not to download it and it is annoying, I tend to learn better when I play around with it for a bit

  11. That was useful just because you mentioned good tutorial series

  12. Yo someone call Yandere Dev make him watch this video.

  13. Really liked this. Great piece of art. How did you do the stitching, if amount of vertexes didn't match?

  14. I love the drawings you made, so I know the 3d character will be amazing!

  15. did you use the tablet to make all this? ;-;

  16. Um Raymond u miss called the concept art, model sheet

  17. I just got one question how did you import your drawing into blender

  18. I'm just starting at game development and while studying the programming part I got walled by the modeling part… Do you have any advice on where to start? I would like to learn how to model characters with a similar artstyle as yours using anime references and a cartoonish style since I play on having low poly assets as my environment with toon shaders.

  19. For me, when I use subdivision surface, the joint between the feet and the leg became slanted like a slider. I am frustrated.

  20. Bro i am a beginner can you give me tips for creating character

  21. U FREAKING SAVED ME I'm making a VR Anime styled game and this was the perfect video for me now I finally know how and can start 3D modeling my anime character

  22. can i make something like that without drawing skills?

  23. the tip to create a model from drawn 2D image or real life examples is a legendary one, it's a guide to get you a base on which to expand your creativity on, especially when you're still learning.

  24. im new to this … and im sorry for asking but, what software/app you using for drawing modelling sheets?

  25. If I aren't so good at drawing can I still be able to do it?

  26. What game engine you using to make your game?

  27. Can I create 3d models on my mobile phone ❔
    Someone please suggest me any website 😊

  28. It's been 2 years since ive seen this
    Still amazing to this day

  29. Thanks for watching the video! It may be a little while before the next part as I work on the face details, hair and clothing. You can help me greatly before the next video by following my social media and joining my Discord server linked below the fold, where I'll be posting regular updates on the character model and where you can watch along and provide comments/critique on the model! All of your feedback is greatly appreciated, and I would love as many critical eyes watching to help me create a better model 🙂


    And also as mentioned, I'd love to engage more with you guys in my videos. If you have a question you'd like me to answer in a video, leave it in a reply to this comment or ask in the #qna channel on the community Discord server!

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