CODE VEIN NEW Gameplay Trailer Anime Dark Souls Game PS4/Xbox One -

CODE VEIN NEW Gameplay Trailer Anime Dark Souls Game PS4/Xbox One

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CODE VEIN NEW Gameplay Trailer Anime Dark Souls Game PS4/Xbox One

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  1. hitting the enemy doesn't look satisfying at all..

  2. Ugh I hate all these game comparisons. Unless it's a copy with a couple things changed it shouldn't be compared. Oh yea let's make an open world game, there monsters that are strong, you roll/block and kill them. ITS A DARK SOULS COPY, nah fam, don't compare this shit to the masterpiece. Of course I'll give it a try when it comes out but let's not compare it to something so amazing 🙂

  3. This game does not look worth it yet imo (before you fanboys get sand in your vaginas). Once it releases, the first gameplay videos will be the determining factor of whether you crybabies are right or whether the haters had it correct from the beginning.

  4. Not digging the sound design. Maybe they will improve it.

  5. Combat looks clunky, hopefully that's fixed later.

  6. I Dont care how hard it is. If it has a cool story ill buy it.

  7. if they're trying to spur excitement…they're failing here…everything here is bland and the hit sound annoys me. At most they're making me excited to see it flop.

  8. its a fucking slower more methodical got eater combat(cause its made by the same developers), GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR: THIS IS JUST LIKE DARK SOULS SHIT

  9. animations look shitty, sounds are bad, looks extremely slow paced, one type of monster? great

  10. Lol all these people getting mad because they compare games to dark souls… i bet they failed at gundyr

  11. People are saying. To stop comparing this to dark souls but there are so many similarities it's insane. It's a souls-like game, there is no denying that. Get over it.

  12. This lokos much easier than Dark Souls, I don't remember being able to backroll 7 feet in Souls.

  13. Looks amazing to me. Don't mind me. I'm just going into my cryogenic chamber until 2018.

  14. This looks really bland. I will take into account that this is early footage in my analysis.

    First, the character: The weapons and the attacks don't look or feel like they have any weight or "umph" to them. This is likely due to the size of the weapons in conjunction to their swing speeds and attacks. This dude is just swinging around a sword as big as his body faster than the character swings a straight sword in Dark Souls.

    Next, the enemies: There is no enemy diversity in this trailer. The enemies are all almost identical to each other, both functionally and visually. This is made worse by the generic and quite frankly boring design of the enemies. There is also only one mob in each area. Again, I am aware that this is only an early demo but only having one enemy in each area to fight is really boring. The one of the things that made Dark Souls' combat and difficulty so memorable was the chaos of having six dogs attacking you at once while having archers shooting you and fighting a large monster all at once. It made you really focus and think everything through and most importantly it got your adrenaline pumping. Whenever I entered a new area in Dark Souls and looked out and saw hundreds of unique enemies ahead I though "oh shit". The enemies also have very slow, repetitive, disjointed attacks. Additionally the enemies leave way too much time for the player to attack and there is no real punishment for somehow messing up. The enemies are also mini-stunned each time the player attacks them. With the player having such a quick attack speed this feels cheap and takes away even more from the overall perceived power of the enemy. It is okay to mini-stun the enemy if they are small or humanoid but with such a large beast I feel that it shouldn't stagger after being hit.

    The animations: I will give credit where credit is due. The animations are pretty good. The enemy animations are well telegraphed and animated but they are still wayy too slow. If the attacks are that slow I think the enemy should not stop attacking and the damage should be immense. The enemies attack slowly with large gaps in between short attack chains and dealing underwhelming damage to the player (I am aware that there are no health bars in this trailer). On the other hand, the animations, though well animated have choppy transitions between idle and attack which gives it a low quality feel.

    The level design: This section is probably the one most affected by the stage in development so take everything I say here with a grain of salt. In this footage each area seems really linear, static and generic. There are entire areas in Dark Souls that a large portion of the players may have never even known existed but if you do discover it you feel so good and are often rewarded with a cool item or a beautiful view or, more often that not, a rage inducing area with poison and slows and evil mobs. I really hate Farron Keep swamp… Anyway, the lighting also felt wrong. You may not have consciously noticed but the lighting is very colourful in this game. That is completely alright but if it's going to be like that, the rest of the game needs to fit. An example of a game which took a dark story and theme similar to Dark Souls and managed to portray it through beautiful colourful graphics is Hyper Light Drifter.

    Overall the game just feels really empty and lifeless. The attacks have no weight to them, the enemies aren't scary, the environment isn't scary, the "character" has no character and the world feels really empty and linear. It doesn't feel like you're progressing through a "living" world. It seems like you're just walking forward through a generic setting with the same enemy just plopped on the floor at each corner. It doesn't feel alive and nothing seems to be there for a purpose.

  15. Too much hardcore dark sucks fan in the comments below

  16. Is it just me or is the sound of his footsteps annoying as hell…just so loud and out of sync

  17. Please don't compare this to Sword Art Online. Vein is much better and Guts is better Black Swordsman. Put your grasses on, nothing will be wong

  18. Anime+Dark Souls? I'M IN! I love anime and the Souls series is one of my all time favorite game franchises.

  19. I think the hit sound's a bit too loud, but that will likely be something you can change

  20. Hm….tell me there is a trinity and some mechanic to know and i'm down for it, otherwise…meh….

  21. I really hope they find a way to speed up combat because if this is it… idk

  22. I want to like it but it looks really bland at the moment : Weapons don't seem to have that weighty feel. Hoping for a demo at some point

  23. Guys it don't come out for a year it's still very very early give it a chance

  24. I for one am excited about this game. Though I'm definitely not using that second weapon if I can help it. I suck at using heavy weapons with slow wind ups like that.

  25. Was hoping for bloodborne 2 and I get this…..

  26. 很喜欢噬神者和魂系列,这个游戏我还是挺期待的,不过目前的视频确实表现不太好,希望成品能改善吧

  27. don't you just love that looming darkness kinds feeling…. but yeah gameplay was a bit boring

  28. Still waiting for Collectors edition with Body pillow of Waifu Vein.


  29. My gut is telling me that we are going to get an anime of this one day.

  30. Boring. I'm not sure if the combat can safe this title, because the whole environment looks freaking boring and generic. The Soulsgames have detail poring out of every polygon, this is something you have to put into your game if you want to be on par with it.

  31. That's nothing like dark souls 1 thrue 3 that's just bullshit remakes seriously that is bad code vein looks bad and boring who ever made this game is a disgrace to dark souls

  32. I hope you’ll be able to fully customize your character and also have access to armor and swords/shields and any other medieval weapons

  33. And having online like dark souls did where you get invaded they should come up with something like that and to be able to like find/summon online Friends to help you 🤘🏻

  34. what he can do other then hitting with the sword?
    the gameplay is boring

  35. Nothing is going to be like dark souls.. Nothing.. Damn you dark souls, you ruined all the games.

  36. dark souls combat fucking sucks, boring asf

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