CODE VEIN NEW Gameplay Demo (2018 Dark Souls Anime-like Game) -

CODE VEIN NEW Gameplay Demo (2018 Dark Souls Anime-like Game)

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CODE VEIN NEW Gameplay Demo (2018 Dark Souls Anime-like Game)

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  1. This game looks alright, but I feel like every game that was clearly inspired by Souls is going to always fail because it's trying too hard.Just from these clips alone the level design looks horrendously bad and linear as hell. I've watched unedited gameplay as well and the game just feels souless and empty. At least how it is now, but it probably won't change much.

  2. lol love it. its literally dark souls anime edition

  3. At least people are getting better at making these games.

  4. Remember all the other "souls based" games? Lords of the Fallen, Nioh… etc. What did they all have in common? They were shit.

  5. Character's movements are just like movements in Dark Souls. It gives nothing new. And it's sad.

  6. hope it gets more fluid though, seemed rather clunky

  7. "New" gameplay….Its just more of the same locals and moveset/enemy showcases that they have been showiing

  8. Looks interesting but the FPS in the game looks sub 20.

  9. I never played Dark Souls so I can't wait

  10. i like seeing game play demos and of course they arent going to be the absolute best in the world but why do they always pick such (and im sorry but) mediocre players? like just go for it!

  11. this game looks like its definitely worth playing i love the souls game so and i like anime so this deems like my cup of tea

  12. Let's hope this game doesn't make the same mistakes as Lords of the Fallen.

  13. why not the Bloodborne Quickstep?
    The Dogeroll looks for me a little bit not in the right place
    sorry if i missspeld something

  14. nothing is like Dark Souls it stands on its own

  15. I'll be honest, not saying the game is bad…but nothing looks very surprising or impressive so far for game play, all we've seen is fairly standard Souls combat on a few enemies that all look the same so far, at least give us like a sneak preview of a boss fight or something.

    I'm willing to give this game a shot if I hear good things about it, I mean personally looking back at THE SURGE, I thought that game would suck but I was surprised to find the game was pretty good and we all know that NIOH is pretty damn great. So hopefully I'm wrong, if not hopefully other Souls Likes / Games will come around the corner.

    Death's Gambit and EITR are still quiet, and Dead Cells is just making me want to go buy a Gaming PC

  16. unless i see some good magic and poise im not buying

  17. until someone shows me the goddamn the status in the game then I'll get into it

  18. WHOW! Looks like some cheap version of DMC bullshit with some stolen game mechanics from Souls series, but why? I really love the Lovecraft way that Bloodborne gave us, but not this bad looking KAWAII shit! Bandai Namco please do remake of Demons Souls instead of this gayfish Naruto or wtf is that!

  19. Oh look another dark souls kind of game. Sooooo unique. In all seriousness though, I hope they add more on the gameplay, and change the way he runs to the side when he locks on. He looks stupid.

  20. They really need to slower the sword moveset, this is just too insane for my Dark Souls senses, it feels like he swings a claymore as easy as a longsword. On the other hand I liked the halberd?/hammer? Idk

  21. This game does look really nice, I'm just worried about enemy variety and no massive health bars on the screen during boss fights

  22. Is it so hard to make a game where you can block

  23. this is an easier version of dark souls to make kids feel proud .. im surprised nobody is seing this !

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