Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions Gameplay Part 1 - Insane Anime Soccer -

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions Gameplay Part 1 – Insane Anime Soccer

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Here’s your first look at the recently announced Captain Tsubara Rise of New Champions. Insane anime soccer/football.
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  1. if u never had a captain tsubasa childhood u will never feel how we all felt around that time ! as for me ! iam going to Break the cds of FIFA AND PES and throw it in the garbage Asap after i buy this game ! and i will buy it on both ps4 and switch lol !!

  2. Glad they took the concept of Inazuma Eleven and applied it to Captain Tsubasa.

  3. I remember watching Galactic football that was a dope show

  4. Bandai Namco, thanks for developing a new Captain Tsubasa game, understand that the game is still in development, however please kindly note my comments/observations of the gameplay:-
    1) please include referees and linesmen for all matches including story mode matches/career mode matches/online mode matches/friendly matches etc. just like in the anime and the referees/linesmen should be fully active during gameplay just like in the anime
    2) please include red cards, yellow cards, fouls inside the box and fouls outside the box, penalty kicks because of fouls inside the box, player getting cards because of constantly arguing/questioning referees decision.
    3) Special match-ups with dialogue between key players of either side when they confront each other just like in the anime, should be present in story mode, online mode, versus mode, friendly match mode, career mode etc.
    4) players should be able to score goals against goalkeepers using normal ground shots, headers, loop shots, overhead shots, dribbling past the goalkeeper and tap the ball into the empty goal
    5) instead of goalkeepers automatically using special moves against super shots or automatically using normal moves for normal shots, goalkeepers should be controlled by the player by way of quick time event just like in other games like naruto on ps4…for example, when the opponent uses his character to perform a normal shot or a super shot, then a quick option should be available for the goalkeeper like say square for normal punch move, circle for normal catch move and triangle for special move(for certain goalkeepers-some goalkeepers like wakashimazu and wakabayashi will have more than 1 special move available) by way of quick time event with a time bar indicating that a quick decision has to be made by the player controlling the goalkeeper and depending on the choice that the player controlling the goalkeeper decides can have either of the following outcome namely a) successful save by the keeper, or b) the ball hits the goal post(side bar, top bar etc.) and rebounds back either to keeper or to any of the characters or it goes outside after hitting the goalpost or c) the ball goes outside of the goalpost or d) the keeper was not quick enough to stop the shot / hold onto the ball and therefore there is a goal
    6) when using special dribbles, special passes, special tackles, special one-twos, special blocks, the game should clearly capture that special in-game moment through slow motion cut scene thereby further enhancing the gameplay experience
    7) special blocks can be further enhanced during gameplay through the following method namely – for example, when the opponent uses his character to perform a normal shot or a super shot, then a quick option should be available for the character who is in the ball's path, to have options like say square for normal chest block move, circle for normal head block move and triangle for special move(for certain strong characters-some characters can have more than 1 type of block move or even a counter shoot move performed by characters like tsubasa/hyuga/santana/naturezza/sho shunko/schneider/rivaul) by way of quick time event with a time bar indicating that a quick decision has to be made by the player controlling the character who is in the ball's path and depending on the choice that the player controlling the character decides can have either of the following outcome namely a) successful block/counter shoot by the character , or b) the ball blows the character away and proceeds towards the goal or c) the ball blows the character away and rebounds back to another character or the goalkeeper.
    8) substitutions must be available to players during any part of the actual match that takes between players…can be made as a special key tactic by way of button command say for example press L1 button to initiate substitution proceedings in real time so that when the ball is out of play, through special cut-scene the substitute including keeper substitute enters the field and the other player including keeper leaves the field,….each character including keepers can have different emotions/reactions during a substitution that occurs during a match
    9) characters including goalkeepers should have stats like physical stats, mental stats, offense stats, defense stat, stamina, etc. and these can be levelled up by training via training option available in the main menu as well as through matches in story mode/career mode/online mode etc.
    10) special moves/skills available only to key characters just like the anime can also be levelled up/evolved to a stronger and better skillsets either by training or while playing through story mode/career mode/online mode etc.
    11) Offside line that moves back and forth alongwith the offside linesmen referee must be clearly made visible to players during gameplay so that offsides can be avoided during key match moments either in story mode/career mode/versus mode/online mode etc.
    12)please make the story mode really big with lots of matches/special cut scenes before matches/special cut scenes during matches/special cut scenes after matches/lots of quick time events in story mode matches during gameplay etc. so that players can fully enjoy the captain Tsubasa gameplay experience/anime moments etc….Story mode duration should be at least about 75 hours to about 80 hours of gameplay so that everyone including captain tsubasa fans can fully enjoy this game

    Thanks and regards

  5. Can we somehow convince this dev team to pitch a new mario strikers to Nintendo?

  6. Further to my earlier post/comments, Bandai Namco, please note the following:-
    1)for story mode, please kindly include the following arcs namely-
    a) complete under 12 kids arc story which includes young wakabayashi/young misaki/young tsubasa etc. until the finals against meiwa where after the finals, Roberto goes to Brazil and leaves behind Tsubasa
    b) complete middle school arc story with various story driven matches and the finals is against Toho academy
    c) complete under 16 junior youth championship arc Story with various story driven matches and the finals is against Germany/Schneider
    d) Aoi Shingo arc story in Japan – match against Nankatsu with Tsubasa playing a key role in this match
    e) Complete Aoi Shingo arc story in Italy which includes club match against Salvatore Gentile
    f) Complete Holland youth special arc story between Japan youth and Holland youth(without kluivoort) – this is about 3 matches plus some friendly matches that Japan plays before facing Holland youth (3 matches)
    g) tsubasa in Brazil arc story with final club match again santana/leo plus club matches that tsubasa's club faces before facing Santana's club in the finals
    h) complete rj7 arc story – Japan youth faces rj7 with hino ryoma / yumikura etc
    I) complete Asia qualifiers arc story with final match against Thai youth/Bunnaak
    J) complete Asia cup arc story with final match against Korea youth
    K) complete world youth arc story with final match against Brazil youth – Santana/naturezza/salinas etc.

  7. In Latin America Captain Tsubasa is huge even people who don't know what anime is have watched it

  8. Hella pissed it ain't coming to Xbox One, fml

  9. When I was a kid I hated football but I loved captain Tsubasa and galactic football. And since I don't know what it's called in English "die kickers"

  10. Wake me up when they make a kickers game instead. 😪

  11. Captain Tsubasa looks like an anime version of Mario Strikers Charged, which is my favorite football/soccer game of all time!

  12. It's pretty much Inazuma Eleven but worse, hard pass

  13. Im so excited to see goenji use fire tooornnaadd.. oooppsss, wait. sori wrong anime..

  14. Captain tsubasa was childhood!
    His name is Captain majed in the arabic version
    كبتن ماجد!

  15. You should check out Captain Tsubasa J Get in Tomorrow PSX game. The only captain Tsubasa that was very similar to Rise of the New Champions.

  16. This gives me hope for a legit Eyeshield 21 game.

  17. I loooved this as a child (Germany)

    The only football game I'd ever play 😀

  18. Man.!!!! They need to Scream when they Shoot!!!!!! Mit only the Image of the Tiger!! I Wang them to Scream tiger shootooooo😆

  19. Of course the anime is popular in countries that love futebol lol

  20. Same cant stand soccer/football but if it plays like NFL blitz I'm in this got me hype

  21. Keeping my eye on this. Nintendo don't make a new Mario Strikers, this gonna make them wish they had.

  22. Captain Majid not tsubasa and its Huge here in Asia and special in Arab region

  23. Captain tsubasa is famous everywhere … with diffrent names

    Can we please stop comparing it with FIFA and PES

    It's football but not like that
    FIFA AND PES MORE LIKE SIM for football

    Basicly it's like comparing project cars and mario kart

  24. Tsubasa is huge in Japan; EU ,MENA and Latin American regions

  25. It's probably biggest or most well-known anime in the middleast! Simply put much more bigger than any anime out there worldwide. Played mostly the one on Family Gams (NES) in Japanese and beaten the game several times during early 1990's! And liked the PS1 one from Bandai as well. I can see myself spending so much time with this.

  26. I will agree that this game looks a bit janky. I'd still play it over FIFA though.

  27. does anyone know something about the released date

  28. You can foul but it isn't in the demo build. At the end of the game it has a list of shots, goals, possession and fouls.

  29. I would buy a whole collection if we could make all sports get games like this

  30. I love captain tsubasa, im from NJ USA

  31. "It was never popular in the US or UK … but huge in Europe."
    Jesus H. Christ …

  32. Same here I totally understand not really a huge sport fans

  33. Damn even in sports anime protagonist have super powers

  34. How about Inazuma eleven game, which one is better?

  35. Only if the made Kurokos basketball like this or haikyu I'd buy it in a heartbeat 💓

  36. Is bc they never picked him when they play friendlies

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