Best New Anime Games We MUST PLAY | SKYLENT -

Best New Anime Games We MUST PLAY | SKYLENT

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Best New Anime Games We MUST PLAY | SKYLENT
Anime games for android, ps4, pc and switch
These are probably going to be the best new anime games for 2020 and 2021 can’t wait for these upcoming hyped anime rpg, arpg and anime fighter. My choices for the best anime inspired games coming soon

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0:00 Upcoming Anime Games
1:21 Hyrule Warriors 2
3:15 Monster Hunter Stories 2
5:42 Blue Protocol
7:56 Gran Blue Relink
10:13 Guilty Gear Strive
11:48 Anime Inspired Games


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  1. Hyrule Warriors 2 is coop bot NOT ONLINE awww well I'll find someone to coop with me. What other ANIME games and ANIME shows are you looking forward to?

  2. I’ve been binge watching your videos 😅 JADE COCOON FTW

  3. Liked! I can't wait for Blue Protocol..

    Also a bit out of topic but do you just use your Yeti mic or do you have any peripherals to go along with it? Mic sound is so crisp

  4. 2 for the switch 1 ps4 , pc isn't the master race anymore QQ . Blue protocol is soooo far away…

  5. GG Strive is bitter sweet for me. They dumb down so much from Xrd and the UI is ment to be simple but they used 11 different fonts.

  6. I didn't know you where into fighting games. Also looking forward to playing GG Strive.

  7. Blue Protocol looks amazing! Surprised you're not as excited and hyped for it? I certainly am ☺️

    Grand Blue looks great too

    Actually all 5 games look amazing!
    Looking forward to next year released 👍

  8. Did you play Xrd / Revelator? Or will that be your first Guilty Gear game?

  9. me weebs who never play a single nintendo game before

  10. GG Strive is a remake from the original i think, but yeah, it looks amazing! Pick up GG xrd Rev 2 now just to try it out, its a series like Mortal Combat with a very high skill ceiling but SO much fun!
    Granblue Fantasy Relink i'm less hyped out, saw some recent footage and it looked horrible(or was that the other GBF game?) so i'll be cautious for now.
    And i'll definitely give Blue Protocol a go when it comes out, just to see if the hype was worth it and i really like the art style.
    As for Hyrule Warriors 2 and MHS 2, i don't have a Switch nor do i plan to get one so no thanks.

  11. IIRC Granblue Fantasy Relink will only have a multiplayer mission mode unfortunately. You cannot play the story together. Depending on the quality and amount of co-op missions available it might just end up feeling like a taped on mode just to have the tag co-op.

  12. It's a shame Covid and bad online killed any chance Granblue Fantasy Versus had of establishing itself as a fighting game. It's a really pretty game, considering how accessible it is, execution-wise. Hopefully, Guilty Gear will fare a bit better, even if it seems a bit watered-down, compared to previous entries.

  13. Hope we get a PSO2 or GW or tera like MMORPG with Genshin Impact visuals. That will just be nuts..

  14. Ever heard the Super Robot Wars series? Its a great anime crossover game

    Specially the more recent ones SRW V, SRW X and SRW T since these games got an official English translations, granted the Chinese versions of the game is in English since its impossible for it to be officially released in the west due to licensing issues and selling it to the west as an import kinda fixed that problem

  15. someone mentioning the game of my boi levant? wtf?

  16. Dude, am i the only one who finds granblue relink and the game from the king's avatar similar. ?

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