Bandai Namco E3 New Anime Game 2021 Panel Summarized in 3 Minutes... -

Bandai Namco E3 New Anime Game 2021 Panel Summarized in 3 Minutes…

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No new naruto game… no happiness

If theres anything you didnt like about the video or you think i can improve on feel free to give me advice in the comment section. Seriously, Im trying to get better!!!


Intro and Outro Song:
Renatus – Soleily (Outro 1)
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release] (Outro 2)

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Naruto Game 2021
Naruto Storm 5
Demon slayer hinokami keppuutan
Boruto Jougan
Demon Slayer Game
Naruto and Sasuke Vs Jigen
Naruto Storm 4 Mods
New Dragonball Game


  1. In your next storm 4 video please use black robe sasuke and normal kakashi and itachi

  2. Bruh in my opinion ever since we got out of the last last generations (Ps3andX360)of consoles every anime game That Bandai released was trash the only good ones were storm 4,fighters,mhoj2

  3. I want see bleach game so bad com man only way Tokyo game show or gamescom

  4. Another Bandai Showcase, another disappointment…

  5. Why am I getting a notification 2 mins after or video 😒

  6. yo fifa i know this is a dumb question but you're black right?

  7. I was so sad when I was watching it I thought they were gonna talk about a anime game🥲

  8. Not 1 mention of Digimon Survive.

    You know, the game that's been delayed twice & received not 1 update 😭😭😭


  10. disappointment is not even the right word, they hit a new level with that presentation.

  11. the should make a bleach storm game that would be hella dope

  12. Fifaruto today is my birthday week and I’m glad u posted on the time of the end of my birthday week

  13. I mean there were leaks maybe it was our fault that we seen the leaks 😬🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. I think we will get a boruto game once the anime reach the timeskip.

  15. I knew right when I saw the schedule with Bandai having 1 game that there’d be nothing announced. It’s unfortunate really 😔

  16. for another mod showcase use baki,shikdai,izuna uchiha,yurui

  17. 1:11 "Subscribe to me if im wrong" soo smooth
    0:10 Spat out all my water, never drink something and watch fifaruto you'll regret it…

  18. When you realize we still have 3 dragon ball dlcs to go 1 for thier 3 active games Xenoverse 2
    Fighterz and Kakarot
    And xenoverse 2 and the Kakarot dlcs could be game changing

  19. We have been decieved yet again, how long must we suffer!? Storm 5 was but a myth!? So we simply wait until our bones rot before they even begin to announce the number 5 regarding a Naruto game!? :((((

  20. you could be the main character in an anime because you sound way too exited to do anything

  21. I know fifa it's annoying bandai is always disappointed and its power surpasses the disappointment 1v1 me fifaruto in ultimate storm 4

  22. The only news we got from this video was Fifa's full totally legit name 🙂

  23. They get away with it because you keep buying it.

  24. You're all are right bandai namco is bullcrap those bastards

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