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Bad Anime Games – Austin Eruption

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It’s time for more bad games. ANIME GAMES. I’d say some of the worst anime games. It’s possible that I’ve reached a new low, but it’s also possible that the world is endangered. There are too many bad anime games on the loose, and I’ve gotta share. Also I needed an excuse to talk about a few of these things so here. Yeah.

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  1. You shouldn't even compare a really good anime game like Evil Zone to a really shitty travesty of a franchise known as Sword Art Online. Evil Zone is far more superior hands down.

  2. Gundam Wing Endless Duels is awesome, even if it's kinda safe. And that upcoming One Punch Man game looks really need with the mechanic of holding out for backup to arrive.

  3. I have some of Orphen on DVD and you're right, it's awesome.

  4. Dude! I guess Im one of the people you were talking about with Orphen. That anime was great, that game was terrible.

  5. Anything involving anime is bad to begin with.

  6. I love the Record of Lodoss War: the Advent of Kardis for Dreamcast, even if it doesn't quite add up in terms of the Lodoss War lore.

  7. I hate Kirito (I really don't care if I spelled that right or not) and everything to do with Sword Art Online as a matter of principle, but even I will say that Marty Stu (Male Mary Sue/Kirito) is not the worst anime character of all time (a title that many characters of anime since 2005 have been eligible for, by the way). I would say that the honor of worst anime character ever goes to that blue-haired twat from Kampfer (a series whose eligibility for the title of "Most Execrable [read: Unspeakably Damnable and Far Beyond Fucking Awful] Anime to Ever be Conceived by Humankind as a Species" is exceedingly high). That pathetic worm of a [sometimes] male protagonist (not a man in the slightest) made the dumbest male protagonists of every other insipid harem anime look like graduates of MIT or Tokyo University. He was DUMBER than foot fungus if it were mentally deficient!

  8. Oh God, I had the Orphen PS2 game. It was bad. It was really bad. Got to some obtuse block-pushing puzzle inside a barn about 5 hours in and that was the last straw.

  9. "Bad anime games". Don't you mean every each of them?

  10. I just don't understand why you have so much problem with the incest on SAO or other animes, specially when you grew up with the "fixed" English Version of sailor moon when neptune and uranus are cousins when un reality the two are lesbians but the change didn't help too much since in japan is permited cousins being married

  11. Ik this video is old but trag sounds like some sort of a weird std.

  12. If you want a good SAO game thats better than the anime ever will be, Play the .Hack series.

  13. Did you really diss my game Evil Zone? It's my kind of kusoge

  14. holy shit my brother used to have that orphen game, but i don't think he actually had the game?? i think it was a demo or something idk the only memories i have of it are an anime cut scene or two ??? and for the longest time didn't know orphen was like an Actual Anime

  15. "Because it's not really tarnishing a franchise or anything. Unlike this."
    Unlike what exac… oh, shit.

  16. I'm not into most anime, honestly. But I do love Fullmetal Alchemist, the Studio Ghibli films, Orphen, and… Hellsing. Why has Hellsing not gotten a game tie in? Imagine being Dracula, drawing from the powers of Hell, and slaying bloodthirsty creatures among a corrupt organization. Aside from in Lords of Shadow 2.

  17. I don't like sao but you're point that it can't be a visual novel and it has to feature a customisable character is… stupid. visual novels can be great and if the devs just want to make you play as kirito then so be it, fuck sao though

  18. "Still better than godhand."


  19. Why Hitch The Video Game didn’t exist it would have been perfect for a Ds game

  20. Orphan was my 1st ps2 game. I had to love it

  21. I hear that Gato theme in the background…You play some good music in your vids

  22. Dude i played orphen on ps2. I thought it was really cool as a kid so rough watching it now

  23. Orphen scion of sorcery is my guilty pleasure. 💙

  24. Orphen is supreme jank gaming and I love it. The weird combat, terrible platforming, voice acting; it's all so wonderfully bad.

  25. So… apparently Digimon is getting a Survival game. Like… it's Pokemon combined with Don't Starve, apparently. I don't think it'll be an insulting Metal Gear Survive type deal, but keep in mind. A survival game. Where people can die. For kids!

  26. —————The bar DBZ Fighters just raised

    —————Other Anime Games

  27. . . . I loved Evil Zone. Mostly for the characters though

  28. Duel Masters for the PS2 was garbage. Never watched the Anime it's based off of, except for an ad for the Anime on my Jimmy Neutron: Attack Of The Twonkies VHS tape. But I bought it from a pawn shop and played it anyway. Also, please review Fushigi Yuugi: Suzaku Ibun for PS2. Also, Yu Yu Hakusho: The Dark Tournament for PS2. And please review Attack on Titan 2 and Jump Force. And the Saiyuki video game.

  29. I remember when sagas came out my buddy and I played through it together and had a ton of fun two players was definitely better than playing through alone

  30. I enjoyed Orphan, maybe it's because my knowledge of Anime at the time was Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Wicked City and I didn't even know that Cartoons and Animated Movies from Japan had their own name, so I had no frame of reference or expectations going in. But I also like SAO and consider Tank Controls one of the easiest control schemes to wrap your head around that ever existed, so what the fuck do I know?

  31. Evil Zone bad?

    Hahaha, no

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