Anime vs. Video Games - Rap Battle (Video Game Rap Battles vs. None Like Joshua) -

Anime vs. Video Games – Rap Battle (Video Game Rap Battles vs. None Like Joshua)

Cam Steady
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Video Games vs Anime Rap Battle by NoneLikeJoshua and VideoGameRapBattles.
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Cam (VideoGameRapBattles) as Video Games
NoneLikeJoshua as Anime►
Cameo by Amber Koral►
Cameo by Natasha Singh►
Mixed and Mastered by Freshy Kanal ►
Beat Produced by Def Starz►
Editing by Sam Connor►

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About VideoGameRapBattles
How’s it going everyone? Cam here, rapper and creator of VideoGameRapBattles. Video Game Rap Battles is a series that pits two popular gaming characters against each other in an epic rap battle. These rapping battles span from Classic Nintendo, to Modern Triple A, to Indie Horror, so be sure to suggest which gaming icon you would like to see rap in the comments! This VGRB features Anime vs Video Gaming rap battle.

This Video Game Rap Battle dives deep in the world of Video Games. reference to classic console games such as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, and God of War come alongside modern pc titles such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Minecraft.

Anime is represented by None Like Joshua in this Anime rap song. Anime are Japanese cartoons such as Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Death note, and My Hero Academia.

Who will win this Video Games vs Anime Rap Battle



  1. You should add these 3 characters for this rap battle

    Team Gaming vs Team Anime:
    Sonic vs Son Goku
    Pkmn Trainer Red vs Midoriya
    Sub-Zero vs Naruto

  2. A sequel where both gaming & anime both go against censorship

  3. Do u think video games are better then anime

  4. I think Gaming is better..But he didnt mention PUBG so I change my mind

  5. You know what is funny?
    The Gamer know more about anime and The Anime Fans know more about games.

  6. Yooooooo this is fucking lit holy fuck 😮😮😮😮🔥🔥🔥🔥😮😮😮😮🔥🔥🔥🔥😮😮😮😮🔥🔥🔥🔥😮😮😮😮🔥🔥🔥🔥😮😮😮😮🔥🔥🔥🔥😮😮😮😮

  7. Anime wins bc some games are based on some anime


  9. What if comics had a verse at the end because it’s also a form of entertainment, also I did make it myself so I hope you like it

    What do y’all do, I keep kids reading, your both the reason kids want to be breading, seams like there is an imposter a manga, eating this battle up like a chimichanga, flames spitting like flaming torch hot, bang bang, now that’s a dead shot, end y’all so quickly like a death stroke, now let’s clear up the smoke, all I see is some bloody red tools, your both some mutants the way your getting schooled, like redhood I’m misunderstood, but I’m still robin the hood, making paper and selling paper green, arrow bars, like hawkeye their so accurate, both gonna die, rope of truth there is no lie, call me the hulk I stay immortal, so try to flee through your portals, do you know who you are fighting, I created the war on mad titans, my villains are galactice, so much skill no practice, your a pair of L’s Lex Luthor, going to slam down the hammer like thor, we making the the cash, our heroes just be pimpin, when it comes to supergirls, we don’t be simpin, don’t got to try just going to button mash, like a wolverine going to leave you with a slash, going to end this battle like a game crash, when it comes to flow you got miles to go, I spit venom like a Spider-man, you know I’m fly like a Batman, I’m so tough like Iron man, I’m feeling very Superman, your guy’s victory not real like a fairytale, berry you both undertale.

  10. Woah! Amazing and savage bars! The flow was cooked to absolute perfection!

  11. “Tell everyone you’re gay like the Overwatch guy!” Soldier 76 appears “Only him?”

  12. when u realize pokemon is anime

    Ash Ketchup i mean ketchum

  13. These guys are way too thin to be considered gamers or weebs

  14. No One Wins!
    They're bad for Health.
    Dinosaurs win!!!

  15. The alleged sock uniquely attempt because turtle plausibly bow failing a overconfident beat. splendid, loving watch


  17. I watched this when It first came out and I didn't get a single anime reference but got all the video game references now I understand both alot has changed in a year l

  18. I genuinely question wtf is wrong with people who watch anime sometimes…

  19. so you did anime vs video games, now do hentai vs rule34

  20. The more I listen to it the more I think Anime won. But it's close

  21. Anime guy, you better not be disrespecting DOOM bro.

  22. Video games win because he used alot of Nintendo stuff.

  23. I don't watch Fullmetal alchemist amvs for a reason don't show that scene

  24. That reminds me of that other rap battle PUBG vs fornite AHHHHHH the the memories those cool raps that came out when I was 10

  25. Actually scratch that I’m a weeb and a gamer so yeah

  26. Best disses: Video Games
    Best flow: Anime
    Best Flex: Anime
    Winner: Anime

  27. Bro this video edit is sick!! Thank you for letting me represent the entire anime community. Make sure you wash that controller when you're done.

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