Anime Super Battle Stars MUGEN NEW 2020! -

Anime Super Battle Stars MUGEN NEW 2020!

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Anime Super Battle Stars MUGEN NEW 2020

this game anime mugen for PC
and not for android
and exagear android not working because using OpenGL Render

Anime Super Battle Stars MUGEN
190 Characters
Pass Unrar : trafalgarlawzz
Link Download in Pinned Comment / Link ada di kolom komen

How To Play FullScreen: Alt + Enter

– Player 1 Scroll Keys: W,S,A,D – Attack Keys: J,K,L
– Player 2 Scroll Keys: ↑,↓,→,← – Attack Keys: Numpad 1, 2, 3
– Power Charge: Player 1: P, Player 2: Numpad 0
– SPECIAL 1: Player 1: S D + J , Player 2: ↓→ + Numpad 1
– SPECIAL 2: Player 1: S A + J , Player 2: ↓ ← + Numpad 1
– SPECIAL 3: Player 1: S D + K , Player 2: ↓ → + Numpad 2
– SPECIAL 4: Player 1: S A + K , Player 2: ↓ ← + Numpad 2
– SPECIAL 5: Player 1: S D + L , Player 2: ↓ → + Numpad 3
– SPECIAL 6: Player 1: S A + L , Player 2: ↓ ← + Numpad 3
– ULTIMATE: Player 1: S + P, Player 2: ↓ + Numpad 0

► Credits:
– Chars by: Mikel8888, Shadow Mercer, Akashi Mugen, Lemonstream, Inseph, MYTHOS, Knightmare, Salah, TrafalgarLawzz, SuperNaruto64, Rivelio, Aaronxx123
– Stages by: Excahm, mAdLaX, EXShadow, xX-Nero-Xx
– Screenpack by: Caioken
– Lifebar by: Hloader




  1. plz help, i cant download the user has exceeded their drive storage quota

  2. What is the Recommended screen resolution on this game???

  3. none of the download links work they dont bring me to the download page

  4. Itu semua karakter udh gue download semua njir….kecuali yang opengl.

    Kalau yg ingin main ini game di android mending buangin karakter yang format sistemnya berjalan di openGL.
    Dan cari karakter lain yang sama di youtube pasang sendiri.

    Karena pembuat karakter mugen bukan cuma 1 tapi bisa lebih dan bervariasi

    Btw gue mainnya di android dan lancar cuma ukuran saja yang nyekek

  5. Bang kan player 1 ok nya mencet U trus player 2 ok nya mencet apa?

  6. i can not watch the screen. plz help me how to watch the screen

  7. don't you have any other link other than google drive? in case you're wondering why I'm asking because I get the error 403

  8. me sale error cada vez que quiero pelear ,como lo soluciono ?

  9. I would like to know how to solve an error and it is that the game runs but the screen remains blank and I do not know how to solve it, they would help me

  10. the links download is not work, do you have another?

  11. He tenido algunos problemas con los personajes ya que me aparece error con dicho personaje y se me cierra el juego:'u, ¿que puedo hacer??

  12. i cant download………………………………….help

  13. Bang, ini game kontrol nya pake keyboard doang atau bisa pake stik. Trus kontrol nya smooth apa enggak?? Trus kontrols nya apa aja combo2 nya Makasih bang

  14. bang share link baru dong soalnya yg ini sama dveloper nya udah dihapus game nya

  15. Help I can't get to the download link I get too many pages

  16. Cara download nya gimana kasih tau di YouTube cara pasang apknya

  17. Anime super battle star mugen how to android download

  18. Who loves the way @ReviewGamingHD always does this with the links error

  19. a lot of error character that makes the game crash. How I can fix it?

  20. man, the link says

    the link you are looking for does not exist

  21. Bro, the file was completely deleted. Can you give me another link pls ???

  22. This game has a problem bro. I played in Arcade mode. When i won the first character and moved to the second cha, the game was error becasue it cant load the data of the character. Can u fix it? Sorry my english is not good as well. Thank you by the way.

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