Anime Noob Plays New Attack on Titan Game -

Anime Noob Plays New Attack on Titan Game

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We got a guy who’s never heard of Attack on Titan to experience it for the first time in video game form.

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  1. Doesn't know anything about AOT
    still plays better than me : (

  2. Fuck the game, when is the series coming back lol

  3. this nigga afraid of the statue of liberty. gtfo

  4. Rory and Gav to the rescue, these guys need to make their own youtube lets play channel on the side! Kinda bored of sieving through IGN videos to find them.

  5. It's funny that you can see he has no interest in the game

  6. yeah, survey corpse. that's the best name for them.

  7. Prepare to Try: Gav edition.

    this is the new spin off bois.

  8. The show is ok for the first half then you decide that The protagonist is an asshole and you get sick of their exposition all the fucking time.

  9. Rory and Gav? Hell yeah! I don't know anything about Anime or this game but I'll watch it for these chaps. Huzzah!

  10. JuSt finished this on PC..beautifully crafted game. If you where a fan of the anime, Infamous series, Prototype, probably even Titanfall e.t.c… this is a must play for you. Definitely the best game I've played this year. Campaign is roughly 13-15 hours and with the side missions easily over 20 hours.

  11. make this season 3 but bring dan is for the bants 😀

  12. He's not an anime noob he's a normal functioning human being

  13. This video is just the basic skill of any IGN employees playing a new game.

  14. the guys from Prepare to Try are this channel's saving grace!

  15. anime is possibly one of the things i'd see coming out of my ass after a day in prison

  16. If you are a fan of the show I would read the manga if I were you. I've completely caught up with the books and lots of crap happens.

  17. this game is freaking boring and repetitive. I'm glad I got a full refund

  18. Anime is actually the dumbest fucking thing

  19. isnt everyone who watches watches attack on titan an anime noob? lol

  20. The comment section is full of Prepare to Try fans

  21. Rory, gav, and Krupa are the best thing to ever happen to ign. Btw, where tf is the "lore master" Krupa at

  22. "He said he thinks it's 'alright, yeah'" hahaha brilliant


  24. Where is Loremaster Dan? Has Powers taken his mantle?

  25. Krup's needs to get in on this though. He can be the new gav. In charge of the banter bus.

  26. he calls him a noob but he said its in the future but its in the best

  27. Can you two and Dan just host literally everything at IGN please. Many thanks.

  28. wtf there is so many hate comments in here

  29. Titans are huaman the titans eat humans to turn back to humans

  30. "Anime noob"… Also known as person that has lost their virginity.

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