Anime Fighters is BACK on Roblox! New Update 11 is.. 🔥 -

Anime Fighters is BACK on Roblox! New Update 11 is.. 🔥

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Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator. This anime game is back in action and it’s new update 11 added characters from the Fate Stay series, but…
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Roblox (originally stylized as ROBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online social game platform, where players are able to create and publish their own virtual worlds using building tools and Lua. Players can earn or purchase Robux, which can be cashed into real-world money if earned from developing games or clothing items. There are over 29 million games and approximately 56 million active/1.1 million peak concurrent players playing a total of 1 billion hours each month.

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  1. The new level cap is 200 now not 150 anymore

  2. Vex feel the same way after the changes the game feels so different like I am playing a different game.

  3. You are whilin copyright strikes are a thing and the game could get perm ban for the littlest things faces clothes names mounts anything can be used to take down a Roblox game give them some slack man.

  4. they messed up the game but spent alot of money on it so ima still play it

  5. You had 666 likes so i made it 667 we don't need no bad luck over here


  7. This update is NOT 🔥
    It’s trash, how much daireb and then paying you to cap?

  8. Vex you not dumb the game looks really dull compared to the other

  9. me like yes sir he is making content on it about the new update

    the video: him talking bad about how dodo the update is LOL

  10. Same thing happened with shindo, after the change it doesn’t feel like the same game. it happens

  11. Vex have u seen the rest of the fait series like fate zero and other also another this why do you turn on other people effects just turn on yours so you only see yours not others.

  12. Yea the game doesn't feel the same anymore, it's like shindo live after it got deleted then came back

  13. High key I’m getting shindo life vibes after the copyright strike the game never felt the same after

  14. Oh so Roblox let anime fighters come back but not Pokémon brick bronze????

  15. Who else saw JoJo's name as Dr. Dolphin😂😅

  16. ay Vexx thanks man i woke up today there is a brand new car in my room mannn……

  17. That’s what you said about Shindo life lol after the rework, still love you thoe lmao

  18. Been here since u had 100k its been a long while

  19. Vexx u can craft ui goku in first island and he 1 taps

  20. Ik what your saying vex like the game just don't hit the same it hits different in a kinda not so good way

  21. Lol I can see my name at 5:35 I’m the dude on the leaderboard named mugiwara

  22. YO ogvexx wassup u inspired me to make videos I’d appreciate it if you check them out! :DDD

  23. He's gonna leave this game like how he left shindo life 😔

  24. The thing with vexx is he expects too much and LMAO MAN RLLY COMPARED ANIME STORM AND ANIME FIGHTERS SIMULATOR

  25. Hope it dies again im getting sick of all these anime fighters

  26. yo vex I see you getting close to 1mil not that many people can get to 1mil and mostly people that do mostly roblox games good job on your success so far and hoprfully you can get to 1mil by the end of the year man

  27. pls who can give me free access to gpo my username redaoual

  28. When they changed the characters look it changed the feeling a bit

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