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About The New Roblox Anime Games…

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  1. spent 50 dollars on anime warriors and it died

  2. So shonen smash got cancelled cause the creator said he didn't have the strength in him to continue. Sad.

  3. As a person who almost bought bleach prodigy the owner is not a genius if your gonna scam make a obby and hes calling us dumbasses

  4. The day nasu realizes most of us do not even come for the gameplay and mostly his commentary is the day jake Paul will stop being a douche.

    Seriously most of us are here for your commentary dude I enjoyed the hell out of this video I just wish it was longer.

    Try making more content like this with gameplay in the background and your fans will enjoy it

  5. Fun how the creator of prodigy acted with that much swearing and admitted to the scamming lol

  6. Roblox is so dry that the only way for me to pass time is just Pokemon Brick Bronze Copies, seriously most game Im hype for, but all of a sudden vanishes without a trace. And most game that do make it pass just get toxic exploiters that spam EZ all the time.

  7. Im pretty sure this was all part of Aizens plan tho.

  8. i am so sorry i love your vid but youtubers like you hype them up and when then dont perform well it dies mega quick

  9. Dude stop repeating the same thing over and over, we get it

  10. Ain't gonna lie. If any of y'all know where Prodigy nigga live, me and my boys would jump him off

  11. Bro there literally ain't no hxh games rn. I'm dissapointed.

  12. To the whole exploiter problem
    Why did the heads of roblox not contact the Makers of the Minecraft Bedwars Bot makers? These are not the best but sure not the worst.. at least have some kind of input anticheat cause roblox has as I know no real anticheat. Besides a couple of games. (watchdog is the anticheat name)

  13. You dont know what u talking about when it comes to anime legends. Yes it has 0 players cause its closed lol, and the reason in shut down wasnt because of the rates but because of the lack of content. The rates were actually really good since it was SOOOOO easy to diamonds

  14. I'm probably weird for this but whenever I see exploiters I just laugh at em and keep playing. If the game can hold MY attention I ain't gonna let someone else ruin it for me

  15. Bro why do u sound like auratix and golden dynasty lol

  16. The only Roblox games I play now are DBOG, Shindo, and ABA

  17. That samurai pvp game on the background looks fun as hell

  18. Final Hope also got closed down for a revamp and it opens this weekend (public test)


    Honestly, even the vids where infer just talks bout games and other things are very interesting.

  20. And shonen smash got closed? if it really got closed then ima be sad cuz i didnt even get to try the game out and it actually seemed fun

  21. Im hyped for deepwoken but thinking about it again the lag will ruin it for me….

  22. nah full offense on the bleach prodigy people 2 dudes pocket grabbed ALOT of people and then just vanished like avatar

  23. Zenkai origins is dead but its still fun and might be getting updates still I’m not sure but even if it’s dead it does t mean it’s bad

  24. You remember rogue…. I stil Leana se some episode on that but i goes its just gone

  25. You should try out shinden really fun naruto cc game costs 750 robux though

  26. Thanks sm for the heads up about what happened on bleach prodigy I had very high hopes until now thanks nasu.

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