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About The New Roblox Anime Games…

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Intro Songs –
oshi – i carmacked bastille
Odece ~ Betrayal 2
oshi – think about it
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Opening 2 version 2 (Dio’s version)
JoJo: Vento Aureo Opening 1
Outro Songs
Khantrast – Genies In Bottles (Official AMV) –
My Hero Academia – Stop Them With Full Power (Rifti Beats Trap Remix)
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  1. project star was definitely over hyped:/

  2. The funny thing is I played deepwoken months ago like long long ago and it was really fun. But like he says don't get way too excited for a roblox game.

  3. Roblox doesnt really have an anti cheat, its up to the devs/creaters of games if they want to add one

  4. Did all of that for 15k+ robux that’s literally working a week at minimum wage

  5. Yo infer you should play astd again they just added sasuke 6 star and itachi 6 star

  6. Fully agree with you since a lot of games devs r making are does stupid anime clicker like anime fighters

  7. infernasu can you try the new spec on n jojo the anime spec also tag me if you make the vid

  8. remember when he was tryna hut 50k playing shindo? look at him now bruh im so proudd of u

  9. what about demon fall i runs on good fps its a good game its just that it doesnt have many ppl playing it why is that?

  10. Prodigy is finna get doxxed or some shit. I just know it

  11. zenkai origins will be much better when it gets updates and more content from the anime so we can have more things to do obtain and stuff, like final stand has so much things to do that you will never be able to complete everything, final stand has been a really consistent game from the get go and still gets from one thousand to seven thousand players usually and also final stand has more players than zenkai as of now since it has way more things to do and a lot of things to do

    and like you can just progress for days and do other things and of course the game has been out for quite a long time so it make sense for it to have a lot of things to do, obtain and other stuff and it is still one of my favourite and best games on roblox, like zenkai didnt flop at all, people are just waiting for a new update as there isnt really much to do with the things we have right now and also they should make it easier to get around the map or not make things too far apart and when zenkai gets more content or the same amount of final stand then it will be even more amazing than it already is

  12. project star will be much better when it gets updates and more content from the anime so we have more things to do and obtain and other stuff and when the rest of the parts get added the game will be much better and amazing, also demon fall’s problem is that it has a toxic developer that keeps messing up the game and doesn't care about what the community wants at all, like it is really hard to level up and also takes a long time as you lose a lot of xp if you get gripped which is dumb

    and also there are no quest for high levels which means you gotta do the lower level quests and it barely gives any xp and the game is really unbalanced and sun and moon are pretty much really broken and are like admin specs type level at least that is what i heard a few weeks ago and also instead of adding other styles and demon arts the dev just added sun and moon straight away when it should have been added like a few updates more instead of update 2, like am pretty sure most people already know about what i said and probably even more and aslo some of the developers that mdae gpo are making project slayers so thats why it looks so cool and amazing and also why the gameplay is really fun and the abilits look really cool

  13. just put your expectations to the lowest and thats it.

  14. exactly like project star
    overhyped for a shitty game

  15. Infernasu will you be able to update your description on the intros? Is that you know some supreme songs

  16. bro do more videos like this or create an account to do videos like this it is lit

  17. infernasu check out the new fate game( fate grand finale is the name of this game

  18. The exact reason why IBeMaine is annoying, he promotes a bunch of games but you can never play them.

  19. wait wait wait WHAT THERE IS A REAPER 2 COMING OUT!?!?!?!?

  20. Roblox, and yes i mean Roblox needs to fucking get a much better anti cheat system. cause right now you can pretty hack in any game and be completely fine. but then they go around and ban your account for dumb shit.

  21. infer sounds like he's in a ubisoft game

  22. When you realise these roblox games are better than mobile ad games

  23. dumbass kids hyped up a freaking dungeon crawler game, like the hell did you except from a dungeon crawler like that bruh, i wasnt hyped when i saw gameplay at first because it was just running and spamming moves,the combat didn't look good and the gameplay looked repetitive, sure the game and everything may have looked cool and thats why it was hyped a lot i guess but the gameplay wasnt it like it didnt look engaging and fun like other anime games, like you just spam moves and run over and over for as much as you can, and it was laggy and the combat wasnt even that good, the only good thing that the game game had was how it looked and the models but the gameplay and combat and some other stuff just wasnt it like it wasnt as good as how the game looked at all, i dont know how people thought that would be fun to play or engaging and when it came out looks like it was a good thing that i wasnt hyped or anything but anime legends is gonna be much better and fun since its way more than a dungeon crawler and its gonna have a lot more stuff since thats their main game cos anime warriors was a side game and they made it to not get burnt out and make some money to pay their other developers

    and i heard that they are revamping it so maybe that would be cool and they can improve the combat, gameplay and some other stuff but the looks and the models are really good of course but they really need to add more modes and other stuff and make the gameplay and combat more fun and engaging but i guess they didnt put as much work into warriors as they are with legends since warriors is just a game they made to get burnt out and as a side game to make some money for their dev team that they probably maybe didnt care as much but since anime legends is their main game and everything, its gonna be much better and from the gameplay, combat, models and pretty much every other thing looks really amazing and promising

  24. As a dev… It’s really frustrating when tester is no longer for testing, but instead they just simp… Like I want the bad things so I can fix them… 🙁

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