A New Anime game is taking over with this FAT NEW UPDATE - animegamematome.tokyo

A New Anime game is taking over with this FAT NEW UPDATE

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  1. the one you dont know is a game/manga called Genshin Impact made by miHoYo

  2. The fourth world is a genshin impact world, correct me if I'm miss spell the word genshin impact

  3. Kelvin the almost last one is genshin impact

  4. Its tchnicaly an anime game the one u didn't recognise its genshin impact

  5. Kelvin in the bottom there is a special move that fills up and when you click they use a special move

  6. Anyone else noticed how kelvin gained 100 levels in this vid? Seems kinda sus to me

  7. the game is a copycat of a game I played it just anime themd

  8. did you know that in the tamil language the word named 'araken' means devils.

  9. bruh kelvin can u pls make different content
    pls make other content other then anime legends/anime legends related games
    pls check out king legacy update 2 PLEASE

  10. In my opinion artifacts simulator is better.

  11. If they didn't make klee a legendary I'm gonna sue this game

  12. I was playing Rec Room, i couldn't see this noti D:

  13. Well I’m a pro with good character so YES IM FINALLY A PRO AND KELVIN A NOOB XD no hate btw

  14. Kelvin uses 50k on anime fighters, The devs: Ight boys we done it time to shutdown

  15. I cannot believe Kelvin didn't recognize genshin impact

  16. i was so confused when i saw hu tao and diluc like that isnt an anime but its an anime-ish game

  17. A youtuber call sbowrbx said this game is for f2p now it's not XD. It's p2w now….

  18. the anime u didn't know is a game called genshin impact lol

  19. Pov: anime world popular then gets taken down

  20. Kelvin if u didnt know u can use skills by clicking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


  22. Day 19 of suggesting anime tales features:

    1. specials should take over a row of keys specifically and when active, the powers binded to those keys are replaced by the moves of the specials

    2. maybe the combat systems have combos like u can smack someone up in the air and if u jump to hit them it starts a combo string and slams them back down again. Also holding different items like holding different swords will give u different attacks and combo strings.

    3. maybe to unlock powers of each different anime u need to go through that animes storyline (not one piece tho that shiz too long kekw) so its not just rng or afk overnight u gotta put in WORK. And then each seperate storyline meets in a universal storyline where everythign go crazy (so seperate story modes for each aniem that when u finish all of them u can start the story of the game itself where all the seperate anime storylines meet) it could also be a possibility to get powers from other games like undertale or something idk sans is cool.

    4. Mounts. They help you travel faster, fight for you, give you buffs and such maybe the kurama mount buffs all naruto moves or something. they cud also be like secondary champions that provide training buffs and whatnot

    5. so for the combos aspect I feel like you create ur own character with custom combos, or use already made combos form actual anime characters. You unlock combo moves by levelling up or from getting boss drops an RNG, and every 10 melee hits you land on an enemy there's a 1 second interval where you can either click 3 times to continue your manual melee combo (where 10 hits later there's another window to use a stronger and longer combo) or u can spam your combo keybind to use the created combo.

    6. have different modes. I'm not talking abt transformations. SInce there will be so many items and gear and gadgets and moves, maybe some can be classified as scout moves. Your scout mode will be what you mainly use to get around and move quickly. Alnong with fighter, defender, and other different classes. Knowing when to switch between classes wud be crucial during boss fights as you use scout to run away, switch to healer to heal u and ur team, and then go back in as tank or warrior, or maybe stay as a ranged fighter to shoot the boss from afar. Eahc class build provides certain buffs and debuffs as well.

    7. LORE: so I have a story idea. After completing all the separate stories form each anime, you find out you accidentally did something that is now causing the anime to become unstable. Portals are opening and people are dying. You need to go into each anime and fight through quests and kill each boss of every anime, only to find out they haven't died and are now all chilling in the under world, plotting. You go there to try and stop them but they escape. You train and get some new powers and allies and u find out the villains plan. They plan to take over every single anime and destroy EVERYTHING. After hearing this, you and other players confront the bosses in a massive war. At this point there are different maps, each having 2 bosses working together to delete you from existence. For example, naruto might have madara 10 tails and kaguya working together. Once all defeated you are kidnapped by ??? and they have managed to retrieve the souls and DNA of all the bosses, creating a MEGA CHONGOOS of a boss along with a MASSIVE ARMY with characters and soldiers from every anime in the game. these maps bring in war strategy and have cover and vantage points. Maybe you can implement technology into the game and have advanced gadgets and weaponry at your disposal, otherwise this wud be literally impossible. Beasts from every dimension fight by your side and you manage to win the war after killing every single little minion and roofing the mega boss. (the final boss fight will probably have different stages and such with many many movesets). as their dying wish, the boss congratulates you and grants you new power which u use to bully noobs and restore peace. At last, Anime Tales is safe! For now…. (Obviously this is just the baseline of events. There gonna be emotional scenes and betrayal and whatever)

    8. As you level up and gain strength, you should be able to evolve your abilities. For example, tailed beast bomb maxed out wud be tailed beast nuke, blasting a much larger more powerful attack that scatters and dentonates in areas around the main dentonation

    for now thats it ig DM me on twitter if somethign idk @SzGaming02 also if these ideas r to be used plz give developer or something idk lol IGN: sz830

  23. It the fact I actually have a auto clicker

  24. The map was not anime it's a popular game called genshin impact but it like anime so that's why they added it 🙂

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