A First look into our New Anime Game...(Anime Tales Roblox) - animegamematome.tokyo

A First look into our New Anime Game…(Anime Tales Roblox)

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  1. Γ– Kelvin making something cool 😎 and I love it

  2. Idk if u reading this kelvin but u should make a smooth graphics or setting for that and server with less people cause it would be very good for mobile players cause I'm also thinking to become yt and who Know it maybe your game that I become YouTuber of Lol 😜😜

  3. i hope sonny gets better ok bro we are in this together

  4. Hey kelvin do u use sword from anime fighting simulator

  5. Kelvin plz make your friends on console happy by making it console friendly

  6. Kelvingts when your at a 1m sub can you start using face camera please kelvingts

  7. this be a great game and im happy that ur dog is doin great

  8. But add beast monsters goblin titan and sea beast around few areas in map for money and some item drops

  9. Kelvin I’m really looking forward to playing ur game

  10. thats amazing im so fricking exiting:D

  11. Yooo guys join the dis they have been sending sneak peaks in the discord

  12. Mhm, expect me to use my sleep for this game😈

  13. Can u put overlords powers or can u add a thing where u have a champion that fights for u if u get damaged πŸ€” I have a lot of ideas

  14. This game looks amazing, I hope they add SDS or SAO because those animes have a pretty good storyline

  15. It would be pretty cool that in the beginning of the game you can choose ur anime race and you get powers for the race you choose and you get custom transformation for your race and then you can get other anime moves and transformation

  16. Ayo ngl love it especially the transformations and the moves also pls add a gojo or kakashi thing

  17. Don't be shy kelvin add a waifu Quest πŸ˜›

  18. Mine is you should have a tag for when you read an island

  19. Seem promising excited to play itπŸ˜‰

  20. Intresting game i love how big mom boss is going to be and the trasfomations and as u said no 1 hit kill

  21. Can i suggest about the Armory of anime character like deku's and etc to add more damage or boost?

  22. Ayo it looks exactly like afs good job kelvingts

  23. When is it going to be out? I'm so hyped for this game and the graphics are very good

  24. Well, kelvin has inspired me to make a game on my own πŸ˜€

  25. Kelvin can i get admin i have been subbed since you have been at 50 get subs

  26. Is that your game kelvin you are the one who made that??

  27. This is the game that I am gonna spend Hundreds of hours

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