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6 Upcoming Anime MMORPGs You Absolutely NEED to Play In 2021 and Beyond!

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⌖ 6 Upcoming Anime MMORPGs You Absolutely NEED to Play In 2021!
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⌖ With 2020 rapidly coming to a close, and more and more Anime MMOs being announced, I felt as though it was time for this. Time to talk about upcoming Anime MMORPGs – MMOs that we can look forward to trying next year, in 2021, in some capacity.
I did a video like this at the beginning of 2018, and it went on to garner over 720,000 views which goes to show how thirsty we all are for new games, right? Right.

⌖ MMORPGs listed in this video:
⌖ Tower of Fantasy
⌖ Gran Saga
⌖ Project BBQ
⌖ Blue Protocol
⌖ Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis
⌖ DokeV

⌖ And there we have it. These are 6 upcoming Anime MMORPGs that I think are going to definitely require our attention next year.
Yes, some of these might only be available within their country of origin for the time being, an example being Bandai Namco having announced that while they’re definitely interested in a Global release, Japan comes first.
But that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to access them and play them until they inevitably come on over to the West.
And yes, with Project BBQ being the only exception to a “confirmed Western release,” every other MMO is going to be released Globally at one point or another.
This year has proven to be a very promising, very hopeful year for Anime fans. We’ve had several announcements made that all look very, very exciting, and that’s disregarding other single-player Anime RPGs and co-op Anime games – of which there look to be plenty.

⌖ Yup, the future’s looking bright right now and I couldn’t be more excited to tackle next year.

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⌖ The Elder Scrolls Online in 2020:
⌖ Blade & Soul in 2020:
⌖ RIFT in 2020:
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  1. Don't worry Stix, you'll be able to play Archer again when Blue Protocol launches

  2. Non-clickbaity title or thumbnail = insta like and subscribe.

  3. All these games coming out looks amazing as heck! But i only have one wish, make it available globally~! Or at least being able to play without needing a vpn.. Too poor to get good vpns

  4. I've started being a bit more…pessimistic, concerning MMOs that are coming out. While they may look good, the burn of so many crappy MMOs in the past (as well as other games) has gotten me to the point where it is rare for me to get a game on launch unless I know for 100% that I will want to play it. There are MMOs coming out that certainly spark my interest, but I don't want to get too invested in a game…for fear that I will get to the point of having spent a fair amount of money and realize "I don't want to keep playing." This was part of the reason I originally quit WoW, I came back to that recently because the game drew me back in (you leave WoW but it never leaves you).

  5. Dude you look like you've lost a lot of weight. Saw one of your videos a year hack and then this one immediately and I'm like woaw. Good on you.

  6. I honestly hope that one day, either ”AION, Mabinogi, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis” could become available for Mac OS which, would enable many people who own Macbook’s to be able to play these fantastic looking MMORPGs!

  7. You didn’t say Tales of abyss… fuck you! With love 😏

  8. Gran Saga kind of look like next gen Vindictus idk

  9. Fak, you forgot tales of the abyss, my personal favorite

  10. I hope tower of fantasy is going to be what they say it is and not just some other MMO

  11. Are the ones you mentioned earlier PC MMOs

  12. I've received a key for Genshin impact closed beta!

  13. Jesus man you're just so skinny now man legit no matter how many times I look at you im impressed man nice caller bone

  14. DokeV's vacuum thing reminds me of Tumblepop

  15. On the PSO2 NG one, they have the dude's faces looking ugly lol.

  16. They all look good but if theres something I learned in my 15 years playing mmorpgs is that to not get hyped for anime mmorpgs, cuz 99% of the time they either never get localized to the west or they never even come out.
    If these come out in english then it would be a nice surprise for me.

  17. Let me guess many will never release in the west, some will have the dreaded autoplay and the vast majority will be pay2win

  18. Are you me? Basically listed every one of my favourite games from my childhood haha

  19. Did I just hear you say Legend of Dragoon!? Cool! Someone who appreciate a 2 decade old game. How I'd love it to have a remaster or something…

  20. Project BBQ is the only game im really excited about because it looks like it has a real action combat, unlike PSO2 or Blue Protocol where the combat feels weird with those camera angels with lock on targets

  21. I def cant wait for Project BBQ .. hope it will release soon its annoying to wait fucking yrs every time a new mmo gets announced

  22. anything that "looks like, the OVERESTIMATED, overrated asylum of DDosers and doxers, and hacking degenerates BOTW" is sworn upon to have a suicide triggering community of absolute toxicity.
    its fans built a religion upon that cursed game and now anyone who hates it will be killed by them!

    do you have any mmo games where you can play as a mage? with good system?
    elemental, summoner, necromancer, you name it … mages are the only class i care for. i don' play games who don't have mages class in them. with decent spells and screen nukes! for 9 years i played mmo games, YES most of my classes were either mages or archers, i never play mele.
    and i hate over hyped garbage, and with Peria Chronicles being the last mmo game i was interested in playing, and i decided it would be my final game in the mmo world, and it got canceled, now i feel like i owe myself 1 final game to replace it, hopefully minus a bone deep toxic suicide driving communities.

  23. I might just lose my life to Blue Protocol! 🤣

  24. Pretty much all of those seemed at least mildly interesting, and most I will absolutely try once they are released. Nice list.

  25. Damn Blue Protocol and Phantasy Star 2 looks so much better and much exhilarating than Genshin Impact, it's a blessing that I found this video

  26. The all look great so I'm gonna chose based on the publisher.

  27. You can't say Project BBQ without thinking about BBQ

  28. every game with cell shading and a muted colour palette is "like Breath of the Wild" 🙄

  29. is the new pso2 gonna be an open world one?

  30. Fed up of people saying a game is a copy of botw just cause it has an anime style and you're able to climb and glide. Like it's only cause botw was one of the first really successful open world anime/cartoony (yknow what I mean) style games

  31. Tower of fantasy and blue protocol are the only one 1 care about tbh.

  32. Tower of Fantasy and Blue Protocol for me.

  33. im just here cuz theres legit nothing to do in genshin and Im craving for some fun games

  34. These don't seem like MMO's at all. They all look like JRPG's with open world asides PSO2

  35. im hoping that blue protocol would make it so different classes in parties could be taken advantage of with healers in the back healing and buffing the team and mages sending all out attacks while there are shielders and attackers that would go to the front and destroy the enemies up front

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