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6 Anime Games We Can’t Wait For In 2020

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If you love anime, you’re in luck, since 2020 has loads of fantastic anime game adaptions on the way. From One Punch Man to One Piece, you’ll be able to play through some of your favourite shows – so, here are the six we’re most excited about!

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  1. I really hope we get a proper Yu-Gi-Oh! game someday for the PS4 or PS5 with a physical release just like the Tagforce games on the PSP

  2. Digimon Survive and Sword Art Online are the only ones in the list that i'm interested in.

    bit odd that you didn't put the Fairy Tail RPG in the list.

  3. I am looking forward to the Gundam game because I got a chance to play it here in the States!

    We are gonna miss you!

  4. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang says:

    Wow I Love Anime!!! 😍😍😍

  5. "Which is a video game, about an anime, about a video game." Yeah except not really. SAO has one of the worst concepts for a fictional video game in the history of fake video games, barring those that are used only as background elements and have no relevance to the plot.

  6. 6 games… 9mins… 3mins just on One Punch man…

  7. Elle's voice sounds like smooth butter

  8. All of the game is by bandai namco 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Can't believe Fairy Tail RPG didn't make it to the list. A new breath towards anime-based game rather than fighting.

  10. Games based on anime are great and all but I find I'm happier to create my own character and get to go on the adventures with the heroes.
    It's much more engaging for me personally so off this list I'll be more inclined to play the One Punch Man title.

  11. Nah sorry. This feels like a bandai release list. I love bandai but my anime game of the year is Fairy Tail!

  12. Play she sounds very plastic talking about all of this

  13. I HAVE A FEELING those 6 games is gonna be bad.
    it can be visually looks nice but the gameplay as always for anime adaptation to games

  14. I have to get the one punch man game!!!!

  15. I'm still holding on to hope that now Kakarot has shown how successful an anime rpg can be, that we will get a Naruto Rpg too.
    So bored of fighting games.

  16. I have to go with the my hero academia game It’s one watching it I’ve always wanted to be able to play

  17. Hmm, was w
    Expecting to see fairy tail on this list


  19. It's kinda sad how they treated the Tokyo Ghoul re game that released in November 2019. I love Tokyo ghoul (One of my favorite animes) but the game is just TrAsH. I also find it sad how they're making SAO game better than the Tokyo ghoul, BRUH. ISEKAI TRASH, To be fair though SAO Alicization is what the Aincrad and Alfheim arcs should've been

  20. Can’t wait for one punch man and my hero ones justice 2 😫💙i preordered

  21. I'm looking forward to the Captain Tsubasa Game.

  22. Is Rob going to do the emperor Velo time trials in nitro fueled?

  23. Aré you telling me that Elle has a beautiful and smoothing voice, great sense of humour, is completely gorgeous, loves Videogames and she also likes anime? Why is she leaving PSA? 🙁

  24. Wait, Digimon is still around? I haven't heard or even seen anything of this series for at least the last 15 years. Well, yeah, there are DVDs of further seasons around – a friend of mine asked for a DVD set for Christmas, that's how I know – but I had to order them online from another country since they weren't sold anywhere locally.

  25. 0:53 one punch man
    2:49 my hero one's justice 2
    4:31 one piece pirate warriors 4
    6:04 sword art online something something
    7:18 mobile suit gundam something something
    8:47 digimon survive

    Why keep those dumb crowd battles in one piece, such bs 😭

  26. I'm gonna ask for Tales games anyway, because y'all don't speak about it at all. It deserves to be acknowledged!

  27. Why haven’t we had a Bleach Warriors title yet?

  28. why can’t there just be an anime game that’s open world u can create ur own crew with or with out online ppl like if u want bots on your crew and it online and offline and the bots are strong and u can do whatever like

  29. Do they ever release anime games with fcking dub anymore?

    My pickings are always slim. Guess ill just stick with

    NI NO KUNI, DBZ, AND TALES until they stop being lazy af

  30. hoping the evangalion will be in the gundam game

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